The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 1 November 1989

More From Gemma's Hallowe'en

‘Mandinka’ – Sinead O’Connor

At 12am this morning I was still at Gemma Winchester’s Hallowe’en party.  It was at this time that we all went for a walk to the graveyard and ponced about like dillons.  I felt so fucked up as well as pissed, about Gemma spending all her time with Tom Gray.  I was hoping she wouldn’t ‘get off’ with him.

So, on the way back to the house, I told Gemma that I felt something as missing tonight.  She asked what and I told her that this was probably neither the time nor the place to talk about in any depth.  She asked for a clue.  I couldn’t honestly think of a clue, so I asked Johnny to offer a clue as he knew what I’d been feeling (he’d been offering me a few nudges in the right direction, y’see).  So what did he say?

He said this…

‘A clue?  Well, you may have noticed that we all like you a great deal, Gemma, but Ritcherd likes you the most.  He really enjoyed spending yesterday with you, and, if you hadn’t noticed, his feelings for you are quite strong.  He was a bit depressed about you earlier and, well… Well, I hope you’ll both get off with each other tonight.’

What can you say or do when a friend does you such a fantastic service in such an embarrassing but brilliant and wonderful way?  I’ll tell you: you hug the bugger to death!

So Gemma and I got back and chatted and talked and talked, until it was time for bed. 

‘All Around The World’ – Lisa Stansfield

And what else was going on? 

Well, Emma was getting off with the guy she had only recently described as ‘disgusting’ – the guy she’d vowed to not ‘get off’ with ever – Stan Flowers Lampwick!  Will she live it down?  Especially as Stan tells Julian that whilst sharing the same bed last nite they went ‘all the way’.  Emma?!  Oh god, I hope he used a condom…

Gemma and I set up a ‘bed’ (i.e. a quilt and a pillow) in the front room with Julian + Chloe, Una, Johnny, Jamie, Nigel, and Harriet Burleigh.  Julian and Chloe were, needless to say, giving it some real passion, whilst Gemma and I kissed and hugged and schnuggled up.  And it was equal, so double-sided.  She wanted to be with me, and I could tell, and she was happy and she held me tight and cuddled me and kissed my chest and arms and it was great.

‘It wa’ really ace!’ I cry in a Berwin voice.

And yet…  Will I be able to cope with the fact that she has a dog called WIDGIE?

This morning, I awoke on the floor with Gemma Winchester in my arms, and despite bitchy looks from Stan + Emma, we were still touching and cuddling, and I gave her a long kiss goodbye.  It’s all very definite and I can’t wait to see her tomorrow. 

Ritcherd Winterfood and Gemma Winchester?  WOW!  Thank you, God.

I got back to Johnny’s at 12-ish.  We had a fried breakfast and slept the rest of the day off.  Shouldn’t have drunk so much. 


‘Child’s Play’ – The Mission

It’s late: about 11pm

DOCTOR WHO: THE CURSE OF FENRIC episode two was very exciting and enjoyable.

Stan entertained us all today by shaving all his hair off, just so he can grow it back in its original blond.

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Next time: ‘She likes you enough…’

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