The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 29 November 1989

Back To The Future II

‘You Have’ – Marc Almond

Last night, I stayed at Julian’s.

Today, Julian, Jonny and I had arranged that – after a day of Panto rehearsals – we would go to the Cinema and ‘accidentally’ meet up with (or pick up?) Amy and Missy.  So we did.

The film – BACK TO THE FUTURE II – was absolutely skill.  I loved the first one, and I loved this.  I’m a big fan of twists in time.  Mind you, the third one looks a bit dodgy.


In the Cinema, Johnny + Missy eventually found themselves ‘going out’ with each other, while Amy and I found each other caressing hands + thighs. 

‘Dear Jessie’ – Madonna

In the car, on the way home, Amy and I kissed a great deal.  She desperately wants me to finish with Gemma so she can go out with me.  Which is complicated.  I think my feelings are, yes, I should let Gemma go, but not necessarily to start something up with someone else.  I’d be happy just seeing Amy on a looser basis.  But, yes, definitely Amy because I really like her and she turns me on.

I am a cad, a bounder and a scoundrel.  And I don’t even try.  Believe me, it’s hard.  And I sound like I’m joking, but I mean it.

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Next time: ‘Strawberry Girl…’

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