The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 7 November 1989

Babysitting the Irresponsible

‘Just Call Me Joe’ – Sinead O’Connor


MP is going well and really progressing and the Panto, Strawberry Girl, is completely written and rehearsals are underway on that too.  Berwin Groomstool is at his most pathetic ever.

Verdicts on my CV photo and other photos taken at that session are that I’m ‘hunky’.


‘Eye Know’ – Del La Soul

Sadly, most MP rehearsals see me with at least one cast member absent – some of whom when they've missed a couple have the audacity to suggest I’ve not been clear with them on their scenes or whatever.  These cast members are usually poor on their lines and have done no research into what it is they’re supposed to be doing.  

What am I?  A babysitter?  

You’d think they had no idea what their future 'chosen profession' might actually entail.  

Take some fucking responsibility, people.

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Next time: ‘What I learnt from the Kathakali…’

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