The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 13 October 1989



‘Kerosene’ – Big Black

Coming on well.  Working on expressionistic stuff and visual metaphors.  Actors often difficult.  Larry says I’m taking Berkoff’s ideas a step further, which is a good thing.  Making them my own.

Today we’ve been working on make-up ideas again.  I favour the alienating simplicity of white faces, which we worked on last week, but we experimented with animal faces today.  We’ve got one date so far – at the Barnes Bysea Theatre.  We’ve also had the costumes delivered (vaguely contemporary with the text) from Cambridge.

Will and I are still writing, but it’s tonnes better than last year’s.  If only I could work out a decent ending.

Across the whole Drama board, there have been evil rumblings in recent weeks, due to lack of facilities + departmental support.  Often classes have had no rooms and some of the timetabling has been utterly disastrous.  There has also been a marked decline in tutoring.  All of this has been with one exception: Larry Goodgirl, who continues to be excellent and even more focused than ever.

I have been partly coerced and partly self-motivated into becoming the students’ representative to the College administration.  On Monday, I will call a meeting at 1pm of as may Drama students as I can muster and form a panel consisting of a representative from each group (this looks likely to feature Stan, Jodie and Jamie).  I will catalogue all our issues and hopefully by Wednesday, I and the other reps will be able to meet with the Principal and request some swift changes.

The thing that really bugs me at the moment – particularly as we’ve been pretty much evicted from there – is this: if there can be a whole floor dedicated to Art rooms + studios, why can there be no specifically designated Drama hub?

‘I Want That Man’ – Debbie Harry

PARTY, etc.
Can you believe I had to fill Johnny in on most of what went on at my party because he was too drunk to notice much of it?!  Jodie + I chatted about it and agreed it was a funny do.  I often wish Gemma fancied me.  I get on XTRA well with Emma + Sara now.  And Stan’s going out with Sally Watson.

Well, we’re trying to get some of that back into the Drama Department.  I think events like my party help this.

We all had photo-sessions last week.  CV photos taken by the Photography students.  I must collect mine now they’re developed. 

Oh, and I had my holiday photos back and they are so shamingly CRAP.

I may be spending it away with Julian and Johnny.

Congrats on passing your test, Danny Black!

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Next time: ‘At the sign of the Hungry Horse…’

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