The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 26 October 1989

The Mutation of Time

‘The Fog’ – Kate Bush

Today, Julian seemed to feel guilty about all the kissing, etc. for reasons he really didn’t go into.  In conversation, I told him how I felt about Gemma and that I felt continually closer to her, despite certain ‘distances’ between us in the past.  He said that, yes, Gemma had been wary of me and had never seemed to like me all that much, but now – in spite of her fancying Tom Gray – she seems to be making her mind up about me and opening her eyes, saying I was a nice person.  I hope so.


My No.1: ‘Rocket’s Tail’ by Kate Bush

Well, today we all departed from Sara’s not quite the worse for wear.  Stan joined the Three Musketeers (me, Julian and Johnny) and, along with Emma, we all went over to Julian’s in Dereham where we breakfasted, showered, etc – and basically collapsed a lot.  We were all very knackered.  After some mouldy crumpets and the dog upheaving all the bins, Emma went down to her dad’s.

We four boys decided to go into Norwich for the day.  This filled me and Stan with a certain amount of trepidation; for me, I don’t know why – I don’t think anyone there wishes to bother me.  But Stan stirred up some considerable bad feeling during his final days.  Like myself and so many others that quitted the Norwich ‘goth’ scene, he left as a bit of an exile.  But Stan is now a real outcast, having made a lot of enemies.

The day went along at a fair pace: lunch, DOCTOR WHO novel purchasing (THE MUTATION OF TIME), and so on.

All was well until Stan was spotted by one of his female enemies and we all decided to beat a hasty retreat before he could be properly cornered by any massed force of screaming dickheads.

Back at Julian’s we watched DOCTOR WHO: REMEMBRANCE OF THE DALEKS 1-3, for Stan’s benefit (he’s now getting into the show), but even Johnny thought it was good and he HATES the programme.


Eventually, we took Johnny to King’s Lynn, drank tea at his house on Russell St and helped Stan to renegotiate his idea of fashion; he has decided to stop being quite so ‘alternative’ and is attempting to be a bit more ‘trendy’.  He wants to fit in more with the Drama kids and appear more accessible to the girls.  He says he feels more at ease and much cleaner; better, generally, in fact.  Just as I felt in January.

So Johnny gave Stan a pair of blue jeans. 

In the evening, we dropped Johnny off at his Tchoukball training and we went over to Stan’s and talked a lot about life, love, music and many other things.

We also decided that we would go shopping in Leeds tomorrow.  Flash was telephoned and duly notified.

After a long time reminiscing and discussing, we collected Johnny and returned to Dereham where we watched BLACKADDER...


Stan’s getting well hooked.

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Next time: ‘Tea at Lola’s…’

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