The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 27 October 1989

Tea At Lola's

It’s about 11.30pm

‘Breathe’ – The Mission

I’m finally home after several days – or at least several hours – away…

Episode One of THE CURSE OF FENRIC, the new DW story, is excellent. 

Well, as I’m so tired, I can’t be bothered to write very much, but as soon as I am sober of mind, I shall tell you all about my life.  But for now, a simple message:


The Three Musketeers, Dogtanian, and Woman at Benetton Bummers Collection
Tee hee hee hee


‘Troy’ – Sinead O’Connor

Today, Stan borrowed a shirt from Julian, to go with his new blue jeans.  He really is attempting to tidy up his appearance.  Seems to make a lot more sense to me.  I like to see Stan being logical.  It also convinces me that I shouldn’t be living on both sides as I have been (‘trendy’ for college, scuzzy for ‘weekends’).

We had intended getting up at 5.30-6am-ish.  The alarm did go off and Johnny turned it off and tried to wake us, but then went back to sleep.  DIMMOCK. 

So we eventually set off, dead late, at 9am.  The four us, up to Castleford, where we spent a grand 50 minutes drinking tea with Flash, going to LOLA’S to show Johnny + Julian ‘Mr. Dave’, walking up from Flash’ place with mugs of tea in our hands.

So there you have it.

And it was nice to see Flash, but it was also funny that it felt like a similar trip I took on May 22 1987.  Funnily enough, Flash ‘felt’ like the same Flash as back then.  He was definitely different to when I saw him last: easier, happier-go-luckier.  So we got up to a few pranks on Stan’s tea and it was great to see him, giggling away in LOLA’S.  Haven’t seen him laugh so much in yonks.

Well, after our short stay, we all returned to our respective homes.

I came back to a couple of letters.  The first was from The British Library about The Chinese Play.  I wrote to them last week apologising for the delay in getting a script as them and that I’d get them a copy as soon as I could find a way of getting it typed.  They replied that they appreciated the letter and that they eagerly await the arrival of the manuscript.  I WILL get it to them as soon as possible.

The other letter was from Natalia, who has finally settled in at the University of Essex with a strenuous 9 hours of lecture time per week.  Phew!  Her life seems so strange, she says; all sorted out but with some sort of gap at the heart of it.  It was nice to ‘hear’ from her.

Tonite, I enjoyed BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, strangely enough.

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Next time: ‘A Letter From The Master…’

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