The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 25 October 1989

Una Baker's Party

‘Can U Dig It?’ – Pop Will Eat Itself

Tonight was very good fun.  Johnny, Julian and Emma picked up and we drove to West Walton to Una Baker’s home.  We were the final arrivals and already there were: Stan, Gemma Winchester, Una Baker (of course!), Ed Baker (her brother, who went to bed pretty early on), Caroline Clifford and her best mate Shellie, and Becky Baker (who I hadn’t seen in yonkers) who eventually went out with her new boyfriend.

Well, things started off quite sedately, but alcohol was freely consumed and records were played.  I couldn’t keep my eyes off Gemma, who I’m getting to feel quite attracted to, lately.  After a game of cards, my style (a drama game that I can’t be bothered to elaborate on) Gemma, Stan, and I went to THE KING ARTHUR public house (my old home, incidentally), to purchase about 13 quids worth of assorted beers.  It was strange to go back there after so many years, but it’s changed only slightly.

Back at the party, we all proceeded to get violently drunk, at one point pinning Johnny down and force ‘feeding’ him GUINNESS, which ailed him somewhat.

Then, as we all settled down a bit, a game of ‘spin the bottle’ occurred.  The rules being that if the bottle spun to say, Ritcherd, and then to, say, Gemma, then they would have to kiss.  Needless to say, the boys present (me, Julian, Johnny + Stan) all wanted the bottle to land on them and Gemma, and, indeed, much of the time it did…

I enjoyed kissing Gemma.  And, at her urging, the game developed from ‘peck’ to ‘snog’.  The first time it was ‘difficult’ adjusting to her mouth, but later I slotted into it beautifully, and on all subsequent occasions, I milked her kissing for all it was worth, thoroughly enjoying it.  Admittedly, Johnny kissed her, Julian kissed her, and Stan kissed her.  I also kissed Emma and Una and Shellie, but I was all for Gemma.

There was also a game of Postman’s Knock, where I got to kiss Gemma loads of time, outside the living room and when we kissed it was very passionately and for long periods.

Next came the game of strip-poker, resulting in the nakedness of me (but then I DO play to lose), Johnny and Stan (Julian and Emma opted out).  Gemma got down to virtually nothing, wrapping herself in a handy sleeping bag.  This didn’t prevent me, at one point, espying her very nice ‘bottom’ and one of her breasts which was showing (unbeknown to her) and was very beautiful.

After dressing, Gemma and I sat alone and she commented on the newness of kissing me and how interesting it was.  I wanted to go further into this and had already hinted that I quite liked her, but then everyone else came in.

After we all did a crap Ouija, we all slept on the living room floor; me with Gemma under a quilt.  Unfortunately nothing ‘occurred’ – nor did I attempt to start anything. 

Sara tried to get off with Johnny, incidentally.

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Next time: ‘The Mutation of Time…’

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