The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 20 October 1989

Nigel Cameron: Knob




‘Serpent’s Kiss’ – The Mission

The rot appears to be setting in on Daniel’s revived production of RAW KIA-ORA.  It had been cast + re-devised, etc, but as it is now independent of the college, Larry has come on board as Executive Producer (which basically means he’s the money and the budgetary decisions are all his), which means things have changed considerably.

Now, quite obviously, as Larry is bank-rolling the show, he is well within his rights to ask that none of his ‘political enemies’ from last year be involved in the re-mount.  This boils down to one name, basically: Nigel Cameron, who played ‘Brad’.

But on hearing that auditions were being held to cast a new ‘Brad’, Cameron approached Daniel, asking that he be allowed to continue in the role.  Daniel referred this to Larry – his Executive Producer – who somewhat magnanimously agreed that Cameron would be allowed back on the production – but with one caveat.  All Larry asked in return was a written apology from Cameron for dragging his name through the dirt earlier this year and a written apology to the Drama department for making last term an unsettling and difficult time for the students.

Cameron refused.  Larry said ‘Bye-bye’.

So, today, Cameron dragged his mother into college to sort the matter out for him.  In true Cameron style – and they are such arrogant dicks it seems – she marched into OUR lesson and started a slanging match with Larry.  Who the fuck does the stupid cow think she is?  Hasn’t that family caused enough trouble on behalf of their ickle baby’s inability to cope with anything resembling reality?  Larry took the whol sham out into the corridor whilst she screamed and hollered and demanded that her little Nigel be allowed to play ‘Brad’.

Apart from the fact that this was rude, inconsiderate, naïve, stupid and downright pathetic, why the fuck can’t the little prick fight his own battles?  He seems to be utterly incapable of a direct grown-up conversation.

Anyway, the witch started to threaten Larry, in full earshot of our patiently waiting class.  Calmly and clearly under great duress, Larry told her that if she continued to harass him and yell threats at him in public, he would have a court order placed against her.  This only left her yelling at him further, so he left her in the corridor screaming to herself and joined us back in the studio.

What a fucking idiot she is.  Scary freak of a woman.  And why does she think she has a leg to stand on?  She makes me fucking laugh with her self-centred stupidity.


Stan has been asked by a number of Drama students to convince me into reviving SUGARBLOOD and playing a ‘comeback’ gig; some friends, some booze, some songs.  Nice that we’re in demand.  Hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-ha!  I’m being demanded.  Well, I’ll certainly consider it…

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Next time: ‘Top 25 of Doctor Who…’

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