The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 3 October 1989

Life: Strange and Better


‘Ride On Time’ – Black Box

Abby’s sister, Lili, is quite gorgeous.  And, as Johnny noticed, she has some rather voluptuous physical assets.

It’s a strange time of life for me.  And I am enjoying being my ‘no holds barred’ self.  And I feel greatly happy and self-confident of late.  My forms for university are being sent to and fro at the moment, I get my CV photos done on Friday, and I’m looking at getting myself put in the actor’s edition of SPOTLIGHT.

My only niggling worry in the midst of all this optimism is that I’ve not yet typed up THE CHINESE PLAY for the British Library and I feel sure they’ll execute me if I don’t send it off PDQ.

Today, I charged around with Johnny, Julian, Amy and that other girl whose name I’m not sure of.


‘Don Juan’ – Pet Shop Boys

Jolene had her bag stolen today, and sod of all bastards, I left my filofax in the Dance Studio.  I pray it’ll still be there upon the morrow.

My ‘parents’ go on holiday to Portugal on Thursday, so I WILL have a party – NEXT Tuesday.  I am very pleased.


Contact me, Maggie.

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