The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 31 October 1989

Gemma's Hallowe'en Party


5pm-7pm: PAGES 23-30


‘Dream Within A Dream (CD Version)’ – Propaganda

Well.  MACBETH a year ago.  Phwoar, and all that?!

Gemma’s party was a hoot and a jape.

Who went?
Me, Johnny, Julian, Stan, Emma, Chloe Attenborough, Una Baker, Gemma (obviously), Charlotte, Tom + John Gray, Caroline Clifford, Harriet Burleigh, Jamie Davenport, Peter Conti, and Nigel Cameron.  I think that was the lot…

It started off as a bit of a sober do, then it got very boozy and crazy (Johnny and I attempted to scare the hell out of Emma by pretending we were going to kill her).  Jake, Gemma’s brother arrived and he played his PROPAGANDA CD for me, which was fantastic (and I’m pretty sure some of the mixes were different to the LP).  Lots of party-type things went on: dope, blue movies, psychic experiences, ghost stories, pumpkins, Kate Bush LPs, arguments, etc.  Finally, Julian ‘got off’ with Chloe Attenborough – probably – it’s not been confirmed that they’re an item, but Julian is pretty sure that they are.

Later, after I’d gotten a bit depressed about Gemma spending all her time with Tom Gray, I told Una Baker my opinions of Gemma and my weariness at Emma’s ever-constant presence.  Una told me she’d taken Emma aside earlier and told her that she has to accept that ‘quite a few girls’ fancy me and that she can no longer exert any control over me.  Emma told her that she understood that, but if I ‘got off’ or ‘went out’ with anyone she would be VERY bitter towards that person.  After this conversation, Una tried to ‘get off’ with me, but I had Gemma fully on my mind.


Oh well, over all, kids: HAPPY HALLOWE’EN!

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Next time: ‘Ritch and Gemma…’

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