The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 23 October 1989

Easily Done


‘Tower Of Strength’ – The Mission

I listen to the Children album by The Mission a great deal lately. 

I also like listening to Bowie’s DIAMOND DOGS LP. 


But it has to be said that the new Kate Bush LP, The Sensual World, is already my album of 1989.

So far, these are my own personal fave albums of ’89:

Watermark by Enya

Introspective by Pet Shop Boys

Batman by Prince

…but Kate has beaten them all.  Totally.

I thought about Beatrice Miranda Wasp at work today.  Thinking back to our last ‘togetherness’, which seems so strange.  To think things like: WOW – I took a bath just before I went to her house that first time this summer, not merely to make myself presentable, but more … ceremonially.  Like I was cleansing myself in preparation for sex.  Logically, she must have done the same.

I was also thinking: Did she want to back out with me?  Should I have awoken her in the night with kisses across her entire body?

Life’s full of possibilities – some taken, some not.  But I miss my friend Miranda.  I hope she’s well.

If I had money to spend on records right now, I’d buy:

GIFT by The Sisterhood
Some stuff by Loop


10 minutes later

‘We Are The Dead’ – David Bowie

I feel a TWAT!

I just rang Flash to wish him a ‘happy birthday’.  And the eventual phone call was nice.  But I felt such a twat.  Why?  Well, you think yourself full of good intentions – ‘I’ll ring my mate’ – so you do and when someone answers and says ‘Hello?’ and you say, ‘Hello, is Flash there?’, and the man says, ‘I think you’ve got the wrong number’, and you say, ‘Really?  This is [INSERT NUMBER], isn’t it?’, and he says, ‘Yes, it is’, and you suddenly realise your mate DOES NOT live at Gordon Villas in Pontefract any more, but does in fact live on Ashton Street in Castleford and has done for TWO FUCKING YEARS, then, my friend, you feel like a bloody fat, hairy, sweaty TWAT!

It’s easily done.  Tell me it’s easily done.  PLEASE!

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Next time: ‘Stinking of diesel…’

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