The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 16 October 1989

Big Drama

9.45am: PRODUCTIONS MEETING – more pantomime bookings.  Room problems.





‘Heilige Tod’ – Death In June

I am once more returned to BLACKBERRY NARROW.


‘Between You and Me’ – ABC

Today, Julian drove Emma and me into Tech where I called a meeting of all Drama students so we could discuss our problems.  It got a bit annoying, though, and I actually felt quite offended when some of them began to imply that they were worried I was being too radical.  I was, if I’m honest, grossly offended.  I patiently assured them that my aim was simple to facilitate some discourse with the appropriate authorities, all of which would be done through the proper channels, no stunts or silliness.  Christ, just because I wear eyeliner and weird clothes now and again, some people act like I’m a fucking anarchic nutcase.  They should all know better by now that I’m much more than that.  It also pissed me off that I was willing to stand up for them in front of the Principal or whoever and defend their rights and get a dialogue going that might improve their experience of studying here and all they could do was whinge or make crass assumptions.  I only want to gain what they want and my main concerns are room allocation, timetabling and equipment.

Things got pretty farcical, though, when one group of students started demanding the sacking of Mick Wallis.  It’s true that I believe Mick to be a pretty inept tutor, but he’s also a human being and, to my reckoning, not a bad one.  It’s almost as if since one group took action against Larry other groups follow that example and feel they can evict any teacher they don’t like.  Anyway, this turned into much jeering from those who wanted him out and in such a preliminary meeting this really wasn’t helpful and I could do without it, frankly.  Ironically, those who disagreed and supported Mick also got annoying to and it became a bit of a slanging match.

With all this in mind, I made my feelings about Mick quite clear, but added that I refused to be involved in another witch-hunt.  As far as I was concerned, I am standing for improvements in the department.  I really didn’t want to be involved in any bitching.  I suggested that if a separate delegation would like to campaign for the removal of Mick Wallis, then they should do so – but in this meeting, such an eviction was avowedly NOT part of the remit.  And if they do, well, be it on their own heads – I will not be party to it.

Despite my best intentions, explanations and appeals, the inter-group argument continued.  Some even, indirectly, seemed to suggest that I was some kind of moron who didn’t understand the implications.  I responded honestly: I had been asked to represent the department BY the students and with a mission to get better facilities, not to get people sacked.  I’m a bloody ambassador not a fucking campaign general!  And this endless, petty arguing meant we only got things done very, very slowly.

I took down issues and possible solutions, but I felt no genuine, concrete support from anyone really.  I want to do more, and make stuff happen, but some of the group members’ attitudes towards me felt very personal and insulting.  I was angry by the end of it.

I almost resigned my new-found duty, but later in the afternoon several people (who felt unable to speak up during the meeting) came up to me and offered their support for my proposals.  This made me glad, so I will continue as representative for now.  In all honesty, it disgusts me that someone has to do this job; that there’s no one in authority our interests as students. 

As Harriet said to me: ‘We need somebody to lead us.’

Maybe I should become a campaign general?  Maybe I should address those other needs?  I don’t know.  But I do know we should hold regular meetings as students.  I shall call another one soon, I think and see if things improve.

I bought Kate’s new album…
I rather like it.  It’s probably going to take ages to love it though (as with all albums).

Maggie rang.  I love her.  She gave me multiple orgasms by just speaking.

Life’s still good. 

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Next time: ‘Anarchy in Cambridge…’

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