The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 14 October 1989

At the Sign of the Hungry Horse


‘Cigarette In Your Bed’ – My Bloody Valentine

Life can be cruel.  I’m just setting out to King’s Lynn.  Funny thing is, I found myself instinctively thinking, If I have time to kill waiting for a bus, I’ll pop in and see Natalia at Bacchally’s.  One moment’s further reflection on this lovely idea smacked into me like a concrete slab with ‘NAT HAS GONE’.  I feel cheated now.

Popular rumour has also returned to the streets of Wisbech, now suggesting that BM Wasp has once again left the Capital of the Fens to finally pursue a life at university.  God knows where.

And I must remember to have my uni + poly forms fully sorted by the end of next week.


Well.  Gemma’s party is GO.


‘Pump Up The Jam’ – Technotronic

Today, I went to Top Shop in King’s Lynn and bought a new shirt for ‘special occasions’.  It’s a deep, dark blue and paisley.  So there. 

I also bought this month’s Q for the Kate Bush interview.

I then bumped into Stan.  He was with his friend Chloe Attenborough from TS1, and I went back to his to listen to his guitar and look at the ‘scum’ of his scumbag hovel. 

I then went to Johnny’s and was pleased to see his sister, Brenda, again.  Anyway, he and I got changed and were picked up by Peter Conti, who took us (with Stan and Jamie Davenport) to Gemma’s do at The Hungry Horse in Necton, just outside Swaffham.  Peter then drove back to collect Caroline Clifford, Harriet Burleigh, and Chloe. 

Also at the ‘do’ of relevance to to my life were Gemma Winchester (obviously), Una Baker, Abby, Emma Goddard, Julian Ward, Nigel Cameron, and John Gray (who was greatly nice to me and I’m glad that we shared no ‘animosity’ from Larry’s ‘trial’ earlier this year).  Also there were Lola Goldwyn and Natalie Palmer (who’s currently causing a stir at university by poo-ing in the hall of residence kitchen and trying to open a brothel.  Strange old, BRILLIANT Natalie – still up to her poo-ing antics!).

The ‘do’ was okay and Julian, Johnny + I gave Gemma her present from the three of us – an immense framed print from ATHENA.

After several drinks, dances, happy birthdays, vegetarian food, discussions about Abby’s strange ‘indecision’ over Johnny, cuddles with Emma, and song transformations ‘Situation-style’, it was time to head back to Julian’s where I was staying, along with Johnny, Stan, Chloe, Peter Conti, Jamie Davenport, Harriet + Caroline.

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Next time: ‘Big banter at Julian’s…’

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