The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 17 October 1989

Anarchy In Cambridge

It’s ten years since this

George bought me it as a surprise.  I was dead chuffed.




‘Coldsweat (Remix)’ – Sugar Cubes

Today, Julian and Johnny drove down here to BLACKBERRY NARROW and then we went off to Cambridge for a day out.

Much of the day was spent in trying to convince Johnny to join Julian’s independent venture, a production of ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST.  I’ve agreed to take part, but Johnny was whinging about it being too much commitment given that he was supposed to be appearing in Daniel Abbott’s revived production of ROCKY HORROR.  Again.  Yawn.  Basically, he’s decided he can only do one or the other.  I suggested that the Fo play would be both far more beneficial and challenging to him than a reprise of ROCKY HORROR – especially as he seems to want to be a comic actor.  So we spent most of the day cajoling him, hassling him and chasing him around parkland with big sticks.  It was fun.  We all enjoyed ourselves.

Afterwards, Johnny + I went over to stay at Julian’s.  Julian’s sister, Julia, is really nice + Johnny and I agreed that we fancy her.

In the living room, we talked about people at college.  It seems Chloe in TS1 is the object of Julian’s desires and he’s the object of hers.  Apparently, Abby has various boys in mind.  Gemma Winchester recently told Julian I was ‘a really nice person’ and some other lovely stuff. 

We had a hell of a night pissing each other off in Julian’s bedroom.

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Next time: ‘Love and anger…’

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