The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 11 October 1989

After the Party


‘Touch Defiles’ – Death In June

‘Ain’t Gorraclue’

I feel totally exhausted.  Buggered to hell.

My day started in the wee, post-party hours.

My lounge was full of sleeping friends, but I slept in my room with my former-girlfriend, Emma Goddard.

Emma and I nakedly kissed, caressed and cuddled.  I played with her entire body and couldn’t help but tell her how incredibly well designed 'woman‘ is.  And breasts are so clever in that nipples go firm when you suck them.

No sex, though, because we’re British, right?  But we slept in each other’s arms.

UNFORTUNATELY we only got about 3 hours’ sleep, and when we got up, it seemed that she felt we were ‘back together’, which I don’t want to be because it doesn’t go hand in hand with me right now and my work.

Well, everyone except Ash + Legs had gone by 12pm.  But, quite nicely, the two lads helped me clean the house, which has come off pretty well considering.  All except the dining room light which has gone electrically mad!



‘Numero Uno’ - Starlight


Tonight’s episode was great.  I think I found last week a bit confusing, but now I realise it’s just fantastic!  So fantastic.  I really enjoyed this episode.  I’m so impressed.

Glad Sophie got a good billing from Mr Announcer.


’12 James Orr Street’ – Strawberry Switchblade

Tonight, now all have gone, BLACKBERRY NARROW stands silent and empty.  I think every teenager should hold an unsupervised house party.  It seems to have regenerated and given new perspective to my life. 

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Next time: ‘The killing season…’

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