The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 28 October 1989

A Letter From The Master

‘Sperm Whale Trip Over’ – A R Kane


The prospects for life after Tech are … well, confusing.  Will it be university?  Or will it be … Fish Music?  Whatever I do, I hope Johnny and I will be able to do something – maybe a ‘tour’ – with our Fish Music comedy ideas somewhere in the early ‘90s.  I have this vague idea that if we can sort out how to make the bookings, then maybe me, Badcock, Ward and hopefully a girl (perhaps even Raquel and Flash) could do a series of comedy performances in order to gain EQUITY membership.  Conti would help us write it.  But I do think Flash should be involved in some way, big or small.  Somehow. 



Oh, apparently DOCTOR WHO will be back – or so they say – in January 1991.  But the BBC will have ‘sold it off’ by then to an ‘outside’ company.  ZENITH (makers of The Paradise Club) want it, as does CINEMA VERITY (owned by Verity Lambert, the Doc’s first producer).  It’s likely to return with 20-odd episode seasons.  Oh bum.


‘Deeper Understanding’ – Kate Bush


THE MUTATION OF TIME by John Peel gets an ‘excellent’.

By the way, Julian’s doing well with that Chloe girl in TS1.

Today’s been a little empty. 

THE DEAD ZONE was on and it was a really great film.  Impressed me no end. 

A ‘letter’ arrived this morning, well two letters in one envelope, actually.  It was all addressed to me, but on the rear of the envelope were two words: MR. MAGISTER.  Intriguing and enticing.  I opened it and the letters within were worth treasuring beyond all doubt and measure.  They had been written on two separate occasions – 29th December 1972 and Sunday 6th May 1973 – I was holding letters sent to me by Spock, but written by Roger Delgado, the original MASTER from DOCTOR WHO

He had said he would send me them some time ago and I am VERY pleased with them.  Thank you very much, Spock.  They are very gratefully accepted.


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Next time: ‘Stan cops off with Gemma…’

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