The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 16 September 1989

The Sensual World


‘The Sensual World’ – Kate Bush

When I see Amy again, I probably will say YES, because the poor girl has ‘the hots’ for me (BOO-DADA- POOPADOO-PANG-PANG!) and is currently in turmoil about my decision.

She really is very nice.

After the Anglia TV thing, Johnny and I finally got back to his at 2am, where I stayed the night.

I must also add that on the way to Norwich last night, we heard Kate Bush’s new single, ‘The Sensual World’ on the van radio.  It was on TV this morning and it’s excellent.

That’s it then, folks, goodbye.  I’m feeling ace!  What a great week.



‘Blazing Saddles’ – Yello

Life is full of beautiful coincidence.  THE NOEL EDMONDS SATURDAY ROAD SHOW was just on.  And who should be its two special guest stars?  None other than both this week’s autographs: Sylvester McCoy (as Doctor Who) and the excellent Nina Myskow.


Take me to the sensual world.  Mmm, yes.

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Next time: ‘Ready for Amy?’

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