The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 8 September 1989

More About Amy (etc)


‘Batman (Main Title)’ – Danny Elfman

I guess I’m not supposed to call my Drama Group BTEC any longer.  We’re not actually called BTEC are we, Winterfood?  No!  We are, technically, called DPA 2.  Got that?!

I think the real test has begun.  The course now feels tougher than ever.


Dance Project – content as yet unknown

Directing Mansfield Park with DPA 2

Community Pantomime Project with DPA 2 (as last year, working closely with Will Daniels)

Work Project on Alternative Comedy, working with Johnny Badcock.

The Alternative Comedy is a research and essay thing that I don’t really want to have to do, but the subject was mine and Johnny’s choice, so it should be okay.  I have addresses for Rowan Atkinson and some of the Comic Strip people, so that should help.

Oh yes, Stan’s back at NORCAT now, as a member of TS1.  Life’s ironies, eh?  And Nightingale’s back at Tech, too, and doing very well.

‘I Love You’ – Yello


She likes spending time with me and Johnny.  It’s good.  She is with us during all our free time.  To tell you the truth, I was worried she fancied Johnny, but it’s obvious now that she doesn’t as she puts him down a fair bit, bless her, whilst ‘bosting me up’.  It’s very sweet, anyway, and things are looking good.  She’s actually only 16, you know, and won’t be 17 till next July (which makes her a Cancer).  She’s fun and often full of innuendo, and she’s very sexy which is, bizarrely, not something I usually focus on in a girl.  Yes, I like attractive women with a good sense of humour and good taste in music and stuff, but I don’t usually look at them, I dunno, as ‘sex objects’.  Oh, hang on, maybe I used to or something, I dunno.  Anyway, there you go.  Thing is, Amy IS sexy and displays, in her bubbly roundabout way, a great affinity with sex.  We are getting closer in many ways; little jokes, little phrases and ideas.  And she stays with me, just the two of us, long after everyone else has cleared off to wherever.  And that works both ways.  I like being with her.  The good thing is, I don’t feel forceful or imposing or annoying or guilty, because it’s mostly her leading this.  I find myself complying with what she wants, with her wishes.

What does she look like?

Shorter than me, very pretty with nice big eyes, shoulder-length curly, ringletty dark brown hair.  She wears short flowery skirts with black leggings and boots.  She wants some DMs and they’d look great on her.

Oh, and she talks fast for hours too.

She wrote me a letter this afternoon to read at home.  It’s good.

In it she calls me ‘Lovely bum Ritcherd’ and immediately dives in by insisting that I go shopping this weekend for rope and Johnson’s Baby Oil.  She says she’s not looking forward to going home this weekend (she stays in College halls of residence during the week) and is looking forward to Monday so she can see me again.  She says she wants us both to get to know each other much more.  She thinks I might be the nicest person she’s ever met.  She worries that she’s showing her feelings too early, but she really wants me to know how much she likes me.  She wants us to be close friends and she wants to be there for me whenever I need a friend.  She hopes she hasn’t come across as being insecure, but admits she’s been going through a ‘weird patch’ just lately.  She hopes we can also share ideas and stuff in terms of our courses at college.  She signs off, offering me ‘lots of love, etc, and lemonade sparkles’ and adds six kisses.


I can see what she’s getting at: basically all the things I wanted to say to her.  The reason I didn’t say any of this stuff to her was because I didn’t want to be too pushy.  I just wanted to see where we ‘went’.  It’s obvious we’re attracted to each other and get on incredibly well.  I feel as if we’re very, very similar.  She’s opened up about her feelings for me and I’m glad.  I really like her. 

I really like AMY NEAT.

I've also had a letter from Natalia.

Basically, Nat wrote once she got back from Scotland and found my postcard waiting for her.  She’d been worried that I hated her for letting me down at the last minute and apologised once again.  She had a great time at the Edinburgh Festival.  She leaves for Uni on the 30th Sept and hopes we can see each other before she goes, though her schedule is pretty tight.  She hopes I might even visit her at Uni and insists that we stay in touch.  She realises this is a milestone in her life and it’s had her thinking about Stan’s party, that coach ride to see The Mission, the times we visited each other, that phone call, the beautiful letters we exchanged and the cards.  She worries that without me in her life all these memories will fade and the reality of them become nothing more than a dream, an illusion.  She hopes we stay in regular touch and signs off with three kisses.

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Next time: ‘Hint and Innuendo…’

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