The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 12 September 1989

Maggie or Amy?

‘We Have All The Time In The World’ – Louis Armstrong

Today we were so incredibly close that it was almost unimaginably brilliant.  We sat, touched and cuddled.  And it felt so damned good.  I felt breathless and full of wonder.

Tonite, Amy was worried about something.  She wouldn’t tell me what it was, which is getting to me a little.  I want to know her.  Inside and out.  I want her history, her memories, feelings, thoughts.  I want her physically.  I need to know where her curves begin and how they move across her body and… I want to know where each mole or mark on her skin resides… every tiny scar of her… each little hallmark of her 16 years of life.

She says she’s been in similar situations before, but never anything quite like this.  Where will we be this time next week?

Maggie rang tonite.  She was supposed to be in College today, but she didn’t come, so I suppose she was ringing in reference to that.  Unfortunately, I was still in College when she rang so I missed her.  She said she’ll ring again tomorrow.



I wanted to see Maggie to see if that might help me untangle my feelings over the Amy Situation.  I think it was pretty disloyal of Maggie to give her word and then NOT come and see me.

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Next time: ‘Berkoff’s Austen…’

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