The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 28 September 1989

Letter From Amy

‘If Only I Could’ – Sydney Youngblood

She handed me this today, having written it at 12.48am this morning.  She calls me ‘lovely bum Ritcherd’.  She’d just had Kirby in her room nattering away and then sorted her folder out.  She says she’s looking forward to my party, but worries that her mum might not let her go, and even if she can, she worries how she’s going to get there.  She’s tired and looking forward to finally getting an early night, having got to bed recently at a general time of about 12.30am.  She’s been in trouble for having a water fight in her halls of residence, having been grassed up by a fellow boarder.  It turns out that the boarder had been upset and annoyed about the fight because she’d just heard her parents are getting divorced, so Amy’s going to apologise to her.  She’s glad we’re on better terms now and she understands that my work has to be my priority.  ‘But,’ she says, ‘I still really, really love you’ and she hopes we don’t fall out.  But, she adds, she understands that the best way forward is to be ‘just friends’.  She’s hoping to leave halls of residence (Plaxtole House) and get a room with a landlady, like Donna does.  Her mum is resisting the idea, though.  She admits she can be very irresponsible and imagines she’s going to be chucked out soon anyway.  She signs off with ‘lots of love & lemonade & sparkles + pink elephants, etc’ adding three kisses


‘Rags’ – Crazyhead

I really enjoyed the final episode of Doctor Who: BATTLEFIELD, despite the fact that the Destroyer had a pink neck, despite the Brigadier NOT dying, despite the Doctor NOT cutting off Mordred’s head…
My favourite scene was perhaps the closing one and I thought the Bambera/Ancelyn chemistry was brilliant throughout the whole episode.  I very much enjoyed it.  The story was good, but ‘romp’ class; not dark enough for me and not the best by a long chalk.  Off the top of my head, I’d say it was better than SILVER NEMESIS, though!  What did Battlefield do for the Whoniverse as a whole?  Well, it was nice to be presented with a mystery from the Doctor’s FUTURE for a change…



‘Map Ref’ – Wire

I can’t sleep.  I can’t BASTARD sleep, so I’m turning to the diary and WIRE for a bit of company.

Did I tell you about my tablets?  For about, what, most of last year and a bit of this I was taking tablets for my spots and then I stopped.  Well, I’m on a new course of them now and the Doc says the reason why they didn’t perhaps work the last time was because they’re antibiotics and, apparently, if for some reason I miss one or took one at the wrong interval or whatever, it wouldn’t work and the course would be ruined.  Not only that they do also sorts of destroying of natural bodily defences. 


I’m still hoping to have a party soon.


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Next time: ‘Party crisis…’

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