The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 21 September 1989

Current Happenings

My No.1: ‘The Sensual World’ by Kate Bush

Last nite, I was pushing a pram and walking a dog as I kept an eye on Chip.  This was in Chequerfield, Pontefract, which then turned into Airedale, Castleford, so I went to see Elbow.

Work on MP continues and rehearsals are such a drag – and that’s because the cast are so crass, but for a few exceptions.  Most of them can’t act for anything, and they never will.  I sometimes feel like they really are wasting my time.

As for the new Pantomime, Will and I are making some progress, I believe, and have completed a scene.  Berwin is back in Panto action!

As well as this, Larry is attempting to get me a work placement for next term.  At the moment we’re looking at Yorkshire Actor’s Company (now that would be an ambition fulfilled!).  He still wants me to help him with his TV script too.

There are so many divisions taking place between group members, though.  It’s so sad.  I’m hoping to repair matters by having a party here in a few weeks’ time…

Johnny’s getting on well with Abby at the moment and it’s now an open secret that if she finishes with her boyfriend, then they’ll both be destined for greater things…

Aside from Amy Neat’s immaturity, another of the qualities I dislike about her is her laziness.  She’s just not a worker and I can’t admire that.  I still like her, though.

What of Nigel Cameron, then?  Well, apparently he went to a party and had to stay the night and share a bed with Jamie Davenport.  Cameron must have felt so insecure having to share a bed with a man!  According to Davenport, Cameron groped his bottom in his sleep!  HO-HO!  As well as this, we’ve heard that Natalie Palmer wiped her bum on Cameron’s best jumper and pissed on him!  HOO-HAR-HEE!

Oh!  Thanx go to Raquel + Berwin for a great letter.

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Next time: ‘Goodbye, Natalia…’

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