The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 6 September 1989



‘Nobody Does It Better’ – Carly Simon

Where has today taken us?

Let’s look at all the facts…

Let’s not.

BUT HEY!  SEASON 26 of DOCTOR WHO IS UPON US, and it was rather good.  Tonight was the first episode of BATTLEFIELD by Ben Aaronovitch

Okay, so I didn’t squirm and writhe about as much as I did when I saw last season’s Dalek opener (by the same writer), but at least it looked good.  At least it was good television and not just DOCTOR WHO.  If anything disappointed then it was probably the cliffhanger, which was run-of-the-mill DOCTOR WHO.  These ‘superficial’ cliffhangers are ineffectual.  We need a bit more meat then just a sudden ‘Kill them now!’ moment.  We need a proper shock, or some development of the mystery, a twist that pushes the story further on and into new territory.  But I won’t lose sleep over it.  Welcome back, Doctor!  Oh aye, I can tell you what the best thing about this episode was: Ace

She is a great character and Sophie Aldred is damned gorgeous.  The new costume’s nice (and I really like her legs + her buttocks).

‘Modern Love’ – David Bowie

When I arrived in College today, Johnny told me he’d been to a football match last nite.  He’d seen Amy there and she told him she really liked me and said I was ‘cuddly’.  Apparently Johnny dropped some hints about me liking her.  Good boy. 

By the way, Johnny’s just found out that Abby (who he fancied for much of the early part of this year) really likes him.

But what of Amy, eh?  We talked a little today and I admit I’m not going to fall head-over-heels about her, I daren’t, but…  Well, if she got off with anyone else I think I’d actually be bloody jealous.  She smiles at me a lot and waves at me and does me little favours, etc.  She had a Salt ‘n’ Pepa t-shirt on today and apologised to me for wearing it, like I’d even mind.  We’ve all done that sort of thing – the apologising to people we admire – so I do see where she’s coming from and it’s actually quite flattering.  Crikey, she’s really nice. 

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Next time: ‘BTEC gang update…’

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