The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 4 September 1989

Back to College, Autumn 1989

new adventures…


GO BLOODY BARMY AS Ritcherd has an amazingly groovy party (with consequences…)

HIT THE NEIGHBOURS WHEN Ritcherd takes his very first Acid Trip.

SET FIRE TO YOURSELF AS Ritcherd meets some famous people.

- Future Ritcherd xxx ]



‘French Kiss’ – Li’l Louis

College has begun once again.  And it is good to be back I do suppose.  There are quite a few nice gurls about and I don’t mind admitting that.  There’s Amy in BTEC 1 and Missy in BTEC 1; there are also two nice ‘alternatives’ who I believe are in TS 1 and lots of nice trendy gurls.

The third floor of the Library Block is so different now.  All the corridors have been taken away to extend the size of the Art Rooms and the Drama Studio is damaged to hell, and out of bounds to all until it can be restored to its former state.

At present, BTEC 2 (that’s us) is stationed in the Old Dance Studio, which is a let-down.

But it was good to see all the old faces again today.  It’s been so long.

Apparently, my little treasure, Johnny Badcock, received a postcard from Berwin Groomstool over the holidays…

The situation at tech is now this: BTEC, TS and PA are now all entirely separate units.  Unlike the glory of last year with Macbeth and so on, we are destined never to collaborate on a department-wide project ever again.  Poor old Julian and Emma (and a few others) in TS 2 are somewhat dischuffed about this, and things don’t seem too well-organised on their course right now.  But never mind, eh?  I will miss working with them though.  It’s a damned shame.

This afternoon, our BTEC (2) group met up with the new BTEC 1 group: Francesca Armley, Sally Watson, Fraser, Alex, Kirby (a ginger-haired girl that Johnny fancies), Amy (with her lovely twists and curls of dark brown hair, who I rather fancy), Missy, Nicola, Ady, and Ron Johnson.

I’m glad I like Johnny Badcock.  He’s great.

Oh well, let’s see where tomorrow takes us…

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Next time: ‘Amy Neat…’

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