The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 15 September 1989

Anglia Live


Tonite, I may well be doing my ‘interesting thing’…

‘Bond ‘77’ – Marvin Hamlisch

And I did do my ‘interesting thing’ + it was very enjoyable indeed.


This morning I sat with Amy, of course, and we both seemed rather full of crudity and suggestivity.  I’m dying for the moment when we may get together and I can shave her legs for her (and hopefully other bits of her too).  In recent days, I have been so close to kissing her and asking her out, but unknown emotional and psychological forces have been holding me back.  I’d love to ‘go out’ with her and entwine souls (and, of course, bodies), but my current feelings about love have been omnipresent in my mind just lately…

So, when Amy finally asked me out today, I felt stunned.  I answered that I’d need to think about it (!).  But I did need to think about it; I needed to weigh up all the pros + cons.  And God, I really wanted to say yes right out, but what if it all just falls to pieces and dies on us; by which I mean, are we actually suited for a proper relationship?  I countered her with this and she told me that’s all part of the risk, and that we won’t know unless we try.  I told her it’s much deeper and more complex than that.  She replied that it really doesn’t have to be and that if we left it any longer, we’d lose the fires and desires we have and turn, quite simply, into just good friends, never knowing what might have been.

This seemed like a fair point.  And it made sense.  I was, of course, being a crass, over-intellectualising ponce who really ought to have said YES.

Tonight, at 8pm, Johnny Badcock, Daniel Abbott, Julian Ward, Donna Davidson, Larry Goodgirl and I assembled in the College van and drove to Anglia Television Studios in Norwich, where we to constitute part of a live studio audience from the theatrical profession for the Anglia TV debate show, ANGLIA LIVE.

The debate was all about young kids being pushed by their parents into showbiz.  It was a very glib affair.

We started out in ‘Hospitality’ where we drank wine and noticed that our fellow audience members were mostly pretentious gits (fat agents, flamboyant foppish variety act pillocks, Arty make-up-caked mums and their bratty child-actors, tarty young bimbos glitzed up to the nines who were as thick as bricks and about as good-looking, old thesps looking like like Christmas trees, and nasty old tramps with axes to grind) all showing off – performing to each other – like blue buggery.  Suddenly this business doesn’t feel quite so intimidating…

The studio set was cheap and tacky, but it looked very effective on screen.  The show was actually quite good and I was pleased when Malcolm Allsop introduced his co-host, Nina Myskow.  Also on the show were Ernie Wise and Reg Presley from The Troggs.

Sitting where we were, the cameras didn’t really pick us up until later, during the studio discussion, when I nudged Donna into making a comment that she had been itching to make.  When she did, we all appeared on TV very briefly, and at the end, when we were all singing My Way you can see us singing and swaying.

As experiences go, it was very enjoyable.  We saw a few old faces we knew, too.  Afterwards, most of the audience mobbed Ernie Wise for autographs, whilst Johnny and I focused on our new heroine, Nina Myskow.  We chatted with her for quite a while and I really liked her.  She even signed my ticket which was kind of her.  She is very brilliant.    It was a pleasure to meet her.  Even if we did have to discuss the intricacies of my name…


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