The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 20 September 1989

Amy Neat On Hold

‘Get Out Of My House’ – Kate Bush

Last nite, I was in Bowness-On-Windermere with the Brigadier, hiding in Bill’s FISH RESTAURANT from some Doctor Who menace. 
We escaped out of a window, only to be pursued by Sontarans who then expanded like balloons until they popped!

I’ve been busy with Mansfield Park again today and I’m finding this ‘routine’ Amy and I have developed already very dull.  And I do wish I hadn’t found myself so bored, I do.  You may well say I haven’t given the situation enough time to develop and grow, but it really isn’t destined to change.

Amy confronted me with the truth today; that things aren’t working out.  I had to agree, so we’ve called the whole thing off, which is sad because part of me doesn’t want to and I also really don’t want to hurt her.  I do like her a great deal, but I’m so busy and under pressure that I cannot give any more to her than I can my course or MP.  But I do want to be her close friend.  Like before.

Right now, I really want to tell her I love and ask her if we can forget we called it all off, but is it truly a practicable thing for us to be doing?  Is it any good for either of us?

We must speak at length tomorrow.


Oh, the Destroyer looks great.  I hope it will be.

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