The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 10 August 1989

Losing My Mind


‘For Your Eyes Only’ – Sheena Easton

The Last Day begins and I feel better about a lot of things now, including:

The fact that RADIO ONE is playing a rather good Bond theme.
Donna’s letter to me.
The fact that it’s raining.

It must have rained quite heavily in the nite.  Hopefully it will be quite rainy all day.  I mean, it’s been continually boiling hot and sunny for weeks.  Which is all fine and good and nice if you can enjoy it, but when one is working it really is something of a bloody bugger.  Anyway, I find a thunderous looking sky far more heartening than a still, blue one.  I’m a fan of wild clouds.  Clouds are big in my life.

Oh.  It’s stopped raining.

Still wondering about Arran.  Sounds great, but I’m not sure.  Oh, well, we’ll see.

Oh, now the news is saying there’s been a huge outbreak of salmonella food poisoning.  And thank god that Canadian ship full of toxic waste has been sent back.  Also in today’s news, Brigitte Bardot is threatening to leave Saint-Tropez, because the authorities want to ban dogs from the beaches.  Brigitte says it’s the decadent humans that are the problem…

Oh, I wish it would rain again.  Throw it down, come on!  Give it your best shot.

Chip’s good these days.  His vocabulary is quite big + he sings too.  His favourite song at the moment is ‘Boys’ by Sabrina.

Weather man says ‘rain and wind this afternoon’ – Ace!

HURRICANES?!  Oh.  Apparently they’re only going to waft past Britain.  Why couldn’t they burst in and make a right sod of themselves?  Oh, and the radio also reckons these millions of flies we’ve been having might be about to bugger off too.  Good.



My No.1: ‘Losing My Mind’ by Liza Minelli

The ‘Great Work’ is ended.  The holiday begins.  Thank the lord.

Natalia has found out train times.  Flash is expecting me.

Things are good.

The nite is here.  I must sleep.

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Next time: ‘Bat Day…’

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