The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 6 August 1989

Kidney Bingos

It’s 3.20am.

‘Kidney Bingos’ – Wire

I’ve just got in.  And I ache all over and I’m tired and covered in popcorn.

I rather like Jina who goes in The Angel, y’know.  She’s dead sexy.  Bluntly speaking.

I’m upset rather, at the news of the death of fantastic actor Maurice Colbourne, whom I remember for both HOWARD’S WAY and DOCTOR WHO, but mostly for his role in JOHNNY JARVIS

His death is a great loss to the business.  Gods bless him.

I’ve been spending money again, which is stupid because I’ve saved bugger all for my holiday.  I think I’ve saved £200.  That’s all. 

What have I been buying? 
Empire magazine

Starburst magazine

(both for their immense Bat-features)

Crisis comic


'The Kick Inside' - Kate Bush

Right now, I’m listening to Kate Bush’s The Kick Inside LP, and she’s ever-so good. 

Rumour has it that she’s presently locked away in a studio with some Bulgarian folk singers, preparing an LP for release in November.  It’s all a bit exciting and I must remember to tell Johnny

I’m too buggered to do any more talking.



Well, well, well, kiddies.

You already know that my day began in Peterborough at the 12.10am showing of the latest Bond film, LICENCE TO KILL, which was, we all agreed, a damned fantastic movie.  It really was VERY good, most especially when James Bond was exacting revenge upon those that had caused the deaths of his friends.  It seemed to be so much more down-to-earth than previous 007 movies and I was glad about that.  Timothy Dalton really is a brilliant actor (he actually reminds me a great deal of Olivier).  I loved his presence and I loved his sideburns.  His two female companions were also quite lovely.  A very good film.  Just like Indiana Jones.  Now I’ve got those two out of the way, I can look forward to BATMAN.  Next Friday is the day, and I’m rather looking forward to it.



‘Oh To Be In Love’ – Kate Bush

Recently, two people have suddenly struck me as being really nice during TV interviews.  Liza Minnelli came across as kind and good-looking compared to how I’d imagined her to be.

While Dr Miriam Stoppard, whom I admire a great deal, came across as beautiful and really, really wonderful.

I’ve just watched Episode 3 of The Dark Angel, at last.  I’m glad to say I found it to be perhaps the most stimulating piece of television drama I’ve seen in a very long time.

The use of lighting, mirrors, and reflections added greatly to the gothic atmosphere and the general polish of a production that was already being served by tight direction and absolutely fantastic acting.

I’d definitely put The Dark Angel on my UK TV classics list, along with: Johnny Jarvis, Morgan’s Boy, The Monocled Mutineer, Traffik, The Rainbow, Precious Bane, Moondial, Brond, and Anything More Would Be Greedy.



‘Cha-Cha Heels’ – Bronski Beat

Should I have rung Flash to tell him I wasn’t coming this weekend?  I wasn’t staying at his, I must point out.  Oh, he’ll have caught on.  We didn’t make any concrete arrangements anyway.  At least it will have given him loads of time to get on with that school work he always complains about being unable to do whenever I’m about.  I hope he got loads done.


OI!  Howard Jones has made a single about The PrisonerIs it any good, I wonder?

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