The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 16 August 1989


‘How Does It Feel?’ – Crass

I’m here and I ache.

I just had to check what day it was.  It’s Wednesday, but I guess you already know that.

I also had to check what date it was.  I didn’t know.  But as you can see, it turns out to be the 16th.

I’m so lazy.  I’ve done nothing constructive all the time I’ve been up here, and it feels bad.  But by the same token, it feels damned good.


‘Toy Soldiers’ – Martika

Today, I am at Gran Pritchard’s, helping them babysit Chip.

My plans for the forthcoming week, include seeing more of Flash, going to see BATMAN again, spending time with Paul + Jack, going to my Dad’s for dinner, shopping and then, eventually, going on holiday.


‘You’re Already Dead’ – Crass

So I saw Flash again, didn’t I? 

And we wrote some more of our script, ‘Sleep’, and it was good.

And we watched HELLRAISER and it was good.


‘My First Night Without You’ – Cyndi Lauper

I have also seen Flash’s latest letter from Manda Jones, and it was lovely.  I was always fond of Manda and I miss her a great deal.  I have her address, mind.  I feel pretty determined that I should write to her one day.  I really should.  Maybe it would be good therapy.  Have I said that before?  I don’t care if I have or I haven’t.  Sod it.  I’ve loved you, Manda, that’s all I’d probably want to tell you anyway.

Oh, Flash, thank you for pointing out that Imogen Stubbs is in ERIK THE VIKING.  Now you mention it, it does mean a lot to me. 

Where is Eddie Moses these days?  Flash and I miss him.  It’s rumoured he’s living in Wakefield with his girlfriend, or something.  My, how we drift.  Like ashes on the wind.

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Next time: ‘Another Potted History of Winterfood…’

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