The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 4 July 1989

The Larry Goodgirl Case

'Days' - Kirsty MacColl



Well, today, all those selected witnesses (AYE!) in favour of Mr Goodgirl remaining as Head of Drama at NORCAT, i.e.: Ritcherd Winterfood, Daniel Abbott (plus his brother and his mum), Donna Davidson (who drove all the way from Cirencester), Peter Conti (a fellow student + friend of Larry), and Darren Marsh, met at the Abbott house in King’s Lynn.


Donna drove me to College, in her open-top Triumph, where I dumped my folders off at the Drama office.  They weighed a bastard ton.  I’m rambling now…


At 1pm, we went to Plaxtole House – the College hall of residence – and were put in a room with ‘the opposition’, and only a partition between us.  By ‘the opposition’, I mean: NIGEL CAMERON, NATALIE PALMER, RHODA BAKER, TOM + JOHN GRAY, and (I can’t help REALLY fancying this one, I don’t know why) DORRIE ROBBINS.  All ‘cept John have left Tech now.


Apparently, Tom had said to P. Conti that if he or Jonny B turned up to the hearing (Jonny B actually didn’t), then he’d eventually nack ‘em.  I was hoping he’d threaten me.  I love that sort of thing.  If he ever did I’d cack his brains out.


Well, they were all in suits and we had jeans on!  They had piles + piles of speeches + statements.  We were relying simply on our memories.


BUT WORST OF ALL… they had brought their parents along, which actually annoyed the College authorities as this hadn’t been negotiated.


Anyway, the system was that we’d all be called in on an individual basis to make statements.


Larry was, of course, called first.  The panel consisted of the Principal, governors and solicitors.


We didn’t see this, but whilst he was in there, they read all the submitted written statements out + then made sure all the correct and negotiated witnesses were present.


Then the panel called for the first of those AGAINST.  I think this was Nigel Cameron, who went in with his dad (and boy, did we pull the piss out of him between ourselves).  But the panel objected to the presence of his dad, as this hadn’t been negotiated.  They asked Mr Cameron to leave.  He refused to leave so the panel then asked them both to leave.


The panel then called for a different OPPOSITION witness, but they all refused to go in without a parent, so the panel held a recess.


Following the recess, the panel called for another witness OPPOSITION, but Mr Cameron proclaimed that ‘None of these students will go in there without a parent’.


As things were being done to the letter of the law, the legal mouthpiece of the panel said, ‘You either do this our way – as previously negotiated by all parties – or we don’t do it at all.’


‘None of these students are going in there without a parent,’ replied Mr Gray.  ‘We demand it.’


(It all looked a bit pathetic to me.)


30 minutes passed with the same to-ing and fro-ing until the panel held another recess.


Out the window, we saw Larry walking to his car and then driving off as his representative came out to us and said, ‘Well, that’s it.  We’ve completed the hearing.’

‘But none of us have spoken,’ said Daniel.

‘Don’t worry.  It’s over now.  Larry’ll tell you what happened.’


So we met up with Larry and he told us that the OPPOSITION kids had threatened to withdraw their evidence or something if they weren’t allowed to take their parents in.  It seemed to be an attempt at manipulating or perhaps even threatening the panel.  That kind of bullying tactic seems to have run throughout this whole sham, usually from the arrogant, bully-ish Camerons.


Larry, representing himself (because his Union was on strike), was willing to fight every step of the way and have we, his witnesses, heard, but the panel told him it wouldn’t be necessary.  The panel, it seems, felt they were being played and being made to look foolish – their time was being wasted, in effect.  Like me, they probably found the whole approach of the OPPOSITION lot somewhat immature.  Therefore, the panel felt that perhaps the allegations stemmed from a similar kind of immaturity and could not be relied upon.  Thus, Larry was re-instated and the allegations made against him dismissed!


So Larry is back!  And I’ve never enjoyed seeing people with egg all over their faces quite so much!  Larry is back!  WOOOGH!


On top of all this, Larry tells me I’ve got a choice of WORK PLACEMENTS next year.  A choice of – Ha-ha! – working with writers on a TV project or acting with a – PHWOARGH! – professional company!




Larry’s hoping to put on a production of MANSFIELD PARK by Jane Austen in the new term.  He says he wants me to have a SIZEABLE role in the project.


He also says ‘TV writing is GO!’, so hopefully we’ll be doing that together, whatever it is…


DANIEL’s hoping to do Rocky Horror again at KLCA in September – as a paid gig.  He’s asked me to Stage Manage again and I certainly shall if it comes off.  He still wants me to play RIFF RAFF, but doesn’t want to hurt Jamie’s feelings.  I hadn’t the heart to tell him that I’m sure Jamie is far better suited to it than me.


ANYWAY – Daniel and I are hoping to get together next year on a project that will give Jolene Morse her biggest role so far: that of ‘Sugar’ in a stage production of SOME LIKE IT HOT.


Not that it’ll happen, but



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Next time: ‘Sweetest Natalia…’

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