The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 1 July 1989


‘The Voice’ – John Farnham

The day began pretty much after we left the Awards Evening, with Jonny Badcock, Jodie Ratcliffe, Natalie Palmer, Daniel Abbott, Josh Wilde and me staying in Sally Watson’s room. 


Of course, Sally was sandwiched between myself and Jonny.  Daniel + Natalie were on the floor, Jodie was on top of the bed and Josh was in the corner.


Well, of course Daniel + Natalie got off with each other, and we all saw and watched Natalie’s rather nice breasts as Daniel massaged them with cucumber oil.  I even saw her pussy between her legs as she bent over the sink which was very nice.


As the lights went out, we on the bed were all fondling each other.  Sally was touching my penis and Jodie was fondling my bottom.  I was fondling Sally’s breasts and Jonny was fondling anything he could get his hands on.  After about an hour of fondlage ecstasy, Jodie left to stay in Double D Davidson’s room and we all slept.


BUT Sally later told Donna that in the nite as we all innocently slept, she had gone down on Jonny.


I came back to Wisbech today as we all said our goodbyes for the summer.


What a year.






‘Separate Lives’ – Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin



Everything feels so terminal.  Now that things are over.  Over and done for some time yet to come.  Especially when you know that all your good friends, all the people you depend on, won’t be around for another nine weeks at least; the idea that one, as a fully-fledged member of what has become a fantastic team, will be sectioned off from those one daily lives alongside, is a terrifying thought.




‘Storms In Africa pt. 2’ – Enya



Oh god.  How I wish I were in Richmond.  At Ellerton Lodge or something.  I could run outside into the damp summer air.  I could race up the hill and embrace the happiness, clamber across the grass and watch the sheep mooching around the empty church.  Beauty.


It’s now approaching 9pm.  And the sun is setting over Wisbech St Mary.  Looking through the window, I see the sun falling slowly into the trees, into the silhouetted church.  A pale orange sky over dark green fields.  Mist rises from the dykes.


I am glad I live here.


It should be worth watching (and saving).





I almost cried earlier.  When I realised it was no longer June and that July is now upon us.  We’re into the second half of the year.


I hope my holiday with Flash will be good.  Work, I shall + money will be earned.  Roll on August 19th (approx.).



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Next time: ‘Return of the King…’

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