The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 13 July 1989

Julian, Donna & Maggie

I’m still working hard at the lorry yard.

I’ve been getting nice post though: a postcard from Julian Ward in Spain, a letter from Donna Davidson, and a letter (plus a Greenpeace leaflet) from the rather ace Maggie.

Julian tells me the weather in Spain is nice.  He’s sunburnt and will contact me when he gets back.

Donna Davidson wrote her letter on 9th July, having just had a shit time at her mum’s in Birmingham.  But she did see some ace things: the ‘Acker Activity Centre’ and ‘Babber Jewellers’.  Would you dare?  She’s had a letter from Josh Wilde.  She misses her boyfriend, TomSimon Lewis is going to stay with her one weekend.  She’s got a job at Midland Farmers as a secretary for SIX weeks.  She gets cramp in her hand when she wanks Tom off and lockjaw when she gives him a blowjob.  She says Sally Watson wouldn’t mind seeing me and Jonny during the holidays.  She’s STILL chuffed about Larry being back in charge.

MAGGIE wrote hers yesterday.  Not much, though.  She asks how I am, and says it was good talking to me on the phone because she misses me loads.  She hopes my lorry loading job isn’t too strenuous.  She’s been leafleting for GREENPEACE and listening to QUEENSRYCHE.  She’s also had a ‘cleaning fit’ and has a few artistic projects on the go.  She promises a tape, sends me lots of love and signs off with three kisses.

Good, eh?

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    I'm so classy. Still am. I was so crude wasn't face.