The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 28 July 1989

In The Lattice House

‘Yes Sir, I Will’ – Crass

Now I suppose I shall have to explain my day to you.  Hmmm.  Where do I begin, then?  Let me see.  Erm…

Tonite, I ventured up to The Angel, where I sat with Mooney and Angela who told me that Alice was drumming up people + cars to go on a Friday nite exodus to King’s Lynn.  The end result was two carloads of cheeky chappies looking for a nite of fun with booze and liquid gold.  Doody’s car transported Doody, Angela, Mooney and Legs.  I ended up with Ash, Alice and Rod Oliver in the car of a guy called Clive (from Murrow).

In Lynn, we attempted to get into LA’s, but it wasn’t ‘alternative nite’ so we couldn’t.  We ended up at THE LATTICE HOUSE instead.


There, I bumped into Johnny Badcock’s sister, Brenda.  I really do like her.  I also chatted at length with Bella Murphy and a scruffy-looking Roger Watson and his new gurlie-goth mate who, as Legs put it, ‘wasn’t his old fat bird’.

On the CD jukebox, I played ‘Pretty Thing’ by Tin Machine – and it’s one of the best records ever.

Mostly though, the gang all just sat drinking and chatting, about tonnes of things.  I spent some time talking to Angela about Miranda.  Angela said it was a good thing I no longer wanted to go out with Miranda.  She even said I could do better, find someone nicer and ‘more socially adept’.  Though that challenged me, I still found Angela intriguing and was amazed when she revealed to me that she’s only 17 – I had her down for 21 or 22.  She also told me that she wants to inter-rail round Europe, but can’t find anyone who wants to go with her.  Only half-joking, I told her to check with me next summer and she said she would.

After the LATTICE HOUSE, we went to Castle Rising (yet again) and played a game of COMMANDOS in the dark (splitting off into pairs and attempting to capture each other).  It was brilliant, despite the fact that at one point, an attempt to evade pursuit saw me crawling across the top of a crumbling archway about 20ft above hard ground.  So scary.  My team won, though (I was paired with Rob).

Mind you, I think we ALL lost when the police turned up having received complaints about the noise.  Before they allowed us to drive off, they took our names and addresses and told us that if they found any criminal damage then we would be held responsible – WANKERS!

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Next time: ‘The last of Miranda…’

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