The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 7 July 1989

Happy Storms


It’s about 12.20am and, outside, there is an absolutely fantastic STORM!

I can’t see what I’m writing, because the lights are out, but there’s just been a massive load of near-blinding – and I mean that – near-blinding flashes

with ear-shattering


There seem to be two storms going on at once

The rain is


it’s incredible and I love it


‘All Fired Up’ – Pat Benatar

The storm last nite was incredible.  It lasted about two hours.  Looking across the field over the road, out of our massive lounge window, we had a fantastic view.  Betty and I chatted in the dark and watched it till about 1.30am.  Out, across the field, you’d see ORANGE forked lightning split the middle of the sky + seemingly hit the field.  Cos of cloud cover, when it did, the whole sky lit up with flashes that would blind you momentarily.  Not only this, it seemed a separate storm was going BEHIND our house + when the lightning behind us flashed, you’d see the whole field as totally green, like it was daylight.


Last nite I dreamed I was at a party with no catering, so we all had to eat stuff from Sainsbury’s in Tupperware tubs.  I managed to smuggle in a can of beans, but no one had a tin opener, so Daniel Abbott opened the can with his finger nails. 


At work today, I watched the sky.  It started very sunny, then, in the distance the horizon went black, for almost 360 degrees.  Pretty much within 10 seconds the whole sky was black, like a sudden eclipse – there was a moment of eerie stillness, then came wind + rain.  But, for a moment, it felt like the world’s end.


11.15pm at my Gran’s on Queen’s Park Drive, Airedale, Castleford, W. Yorks.

I miss my friends.  I miss those folks.

GOD O’CRIKEY, I’m so tired because I’ve been working at the lorry yard.  I need sleep.  We’ll speak tomorrow and I will tell you things.

I need sleep.

Oh aye, THE CHINESE PLAY is to be rewritten for my submission to the British Museum/Library thingy.


I arrived at my Gran’s this evening and have seen Louise and Kev.

Oh aye, Uncle Kev – Louise’s husband – is off on Miriam Stoppard’s WHERE THERE’S LIFE about cancer sufferers, due to his testicular cancer a couple of years back.

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Next time: ‘Classic Flash…’

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