The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 15 July 1989

A Glimpse of the Wasp (Ciao, Baby)

‘Edie (Ciao Baby)’ – The Cult

Well, today was a success.

I bought BATDANCE 12-inch…

…and the BATMAN LP

…both by PRINCE.

Also, I purchased DW Magazine

…and a STARBURST for its Sylvester McCoy + Sophie Aldred interview.

I’m really pleased that I know SOD ALL about Doctor Who’s new season, starting in September.

That said, I’ve heard the following rumours (some of which seem a little outrageous):
The Master’s back.
Kate Bush is in it.
Hale +Pace are in it.
Nicholas Parsons is in it.
Jean Marsh is back.
One of the stories has Arthurian connections.
One of the stories is set in WWII Yorkshire.
Bessie + the Brigadier are back.

Tonight, I went to the pub and saw Ash + Legs (and their Aussie mates, Mandy, Jenny + co).  They invited me to a party, which was to take place at Blue Water nature reserve.  This was an entire cock-up as Ash, Jenny, Legs, Mandy + Kara were in the lead car + me, Rod Oliver, Angela, Doody + Mooney were in the following car.

Yeah.  We lost them.

By the time we found Blue Water (we were following them for a reason!), they had gone.  On the way back to Wisbech, the police stopped us and all sorts of babber.

Ash’s finished with Jo Jordan + he made love to Wendy Mackintosh before she went back home to St Ives.  He’s also had a letter from Minty.

I bet Flash saw Pet Shop Boys today.  These are my guesses: a) something really Gordonian happened to him, b) something got him really angry (he gets angry a lot these days), c) it was the best thing he’s seen or experienced in his life (the gig, I mean).

Listen.  I need to tell you.  My feelings for her are so strong again.

Walking around town today, I stopped to watch locally-based Swedish metal band ICE AGE film their new video.

Who should I see, swirling along in a black top, dark brown hippie skirt + sandals, but… yes … her.  I saw her and I knew she’d seen me.  Inevitability overtook me and I had to get closer to her.  I made sure I had a deadpan face – and it seemed she was doing the same.  She then gave me a hard look, but I smiled, discarding any pretence.  She caught my smile just as she was turning away, then lifted her head and smiled back.  If I’m right, she was also giving me a slightly embarrassed look that seemed to be asking, ‘Why are we playing this game?’

It’s actually been building in me for a little while now.

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Next time: ‘All kinds of love…’

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