The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 19 July 1989

A Special Invitation


‘Gordon’s Gin’ – The Human League

She has replied.

I haven’t dared to open it.  It was ‘sent’ here today.  It didn’t arrive in the post.  Betty discovered it this afternoon, on the floor, under the letterbox.

My heart is pounding.

There is but one word on the envelope: Ritcherd.

She clearly delivered it by hand.  Drove along in her car and delivered it by hand.  To get me out of her life as quickly as possible?  It’ll be a ‘fuck off, I love Mark’ letter.  Popular rumour suggests she’s been living with this long-time boyfriend in Portsmouth.  I bet they’re at Medical School together or something. 

I daren’t open it.  I can’t take the refusal.  The fact of being cast aside.



‘Dream Within A Dream’ – Propaganda

I expected to be sad right now and I’m not!

The letter…

Well, she thanked me for my letter, saying it was nice to hear from me.  She said she would have liked to say hello on Saturday but wasn’t sure if it was me or not, because last time she saw me I had loads of hair and was heavily gothic.  Since Easter, she’s been living with Mark in Portsmouth (he’s at polytechnic there).  Things didn’t work out, so she came back here.  She says it’s true that you don’t really know someone till you live with them, and although she was sorry that they split up, she thinks they’re better off as good friends rather than lovers.  She doesn’t regret it – it was mostly fun (and she was glad to get away from Wisbech) – and she now sees it as a worthwhile, if failed, experiment.

She then goes on to ask me how The Chinese Play went.  She’d heard all about it as her mum sent her the clipping from the Wisbech Standard.  She says she was extremely impressed.  She then asks me if I saw any of the Ice Age video being filmed on Saturday.  Quite why they filmed it inWisbech Market Place is beyond her.  And she has a point.  She says the band were in The Angel on Saturday night and all the ‘little kids’ were sucking up to them.  She says she feels so much older than the usual crowd now she’s lived away.  Of course.  She also suggests we should meet up for our ‘anniversary’ and reminisce and maybe get drunk. 

She finishes by saying it was nice to hear from me again and that she needs some excitement in her life.  She hopes I’ll be back in touch quickly and tells me she’s around till Tuesday, after which she’s staying in London for a few days to look after her old mate Anna, who’s in a bit of a state after an affair with a much older man went disastrously wrong…

She signs off as Miranda, offering me three kisses.




I’ve just been on the telephone.  Guess where I’m going tomorrow nite?  To a certain flying insect’s house.  She invited me.  I’m going there.  I really am.  It’s great to know I’m going.


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Next time: ‘Reunited with Miranda…’

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