The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 8 June 1989





With things as they are, I can’t be arsed to go into College, so I’m at home.


In three days, I will be 19.  Isn’t that interesting, eh?  Haven’t had any post about it, though.  Nobody loves me.


Well, actually, Jonny Badcock seems to love me at the moment.  But only because he wants to borrow my KATE BUSH video. 

The little sod!  He ranted + raged in Cirencester, telling us all that Kate was crap, and now he’s crazy about her.  Never mind, eh?  As I have always said, why shouldn’t we have the freedom to change our minds?  He’s a Gemini, so I’ll let him.


Oh heck!  Stopped raining.  I was just enjoying listening to it…


Things aren’t too good here at home.  Freddie’s suffering from stress + his relationship with Betty is rocky.  Jack acting like a thick shit, sometimes, doesn’t help; his school work is non-existent, he’s skived lessons + exams and seems to have no personal hygiene whatsoever.  Never mind, it’s his age; it’ll all blow over, I hope. 


I really should write to Maggie now.


Oh!  The postman’s just been and a hard-ish envelope has just fallen through the door, addressed to me and post-marked WAKEFIELD.  Gran Winterfood, I should think.




Naomi Bell rang me tonite.  She’s obsessed with me, something chronic.  It’s actually unnerving.


Legs rang + Ash’s been off work for days + he’s worried.  Odd that…



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Next time: ‘Winterfood Dialogues…’

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