The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 22 June 1989

The Facts About Larry


Tonight, Larry Goodgirl telephoned me + asked me if I could remember anything about Simon Lewis’ party last November (?), as Nigel Cameron, Jamie Davenport, John Gray + Tom Gray have all made a statement together complaining about alleged misconduct on Larry’s behalf.  To the best of my knowledge, none of these allegations are correct, which I find rather sad.  It seems like total bollocks if you ask me.  Half of them were on amyl nitrate anyway…



Okay, so I wasn’t everywhere at every moment, but basically they’re saying that: Larry drove me ‘n’ Daniel to the party in his car, drunk + chased by the police (!); that Larry attempted to put his hand down Jamie’s trousers as they chatted; that Larry tried to get off with Nigel Cameron; that Larry was taking drugs that he freely passed to Donna Davidson and some others; that Jamie told Donna that Larry had tried it on; that at 1am, stoned out of his head, Larry attempted to get off with Tom Gray; and that Larry left for fear of being hit at around 1.30am.




Yes, Larry, Daniel + I did go to the party in Larry’s car, but so did Ben Fletcher and Daniel’s brother – and Daniel drove.  I saw Larry chatting with Jamie and witnessed nothing of the sort – I also saw him chatting happily with another guy called Peter.  Nigel Cameron left pretty much as we arrived.  Larry doesn’t do drugs!  He’s a proper square.  The only thing resembling ‘drugs’ at the party (other than booze + cigs) was my bottle of amyl nitrate or ‘HARDWARE’.  This is a legal high.  This, I shared with Donna Davidson, Josh Wilde AND Tom + John Gray.  Hypocrites.  At no point did I see Larry with Tom that night.  From what I saw, John + Tom were in the lounge, by the record player, listening to Acid House records; some of which were mine, and I distinctly recall them being amazed at a ‘goth’ liking Dance music.  Together, the three of us sniffed TONNES of my amyl nitrate.  Admittedly, I wandered freely about the place, but not once did I see Tom near Larry, who seemed to spend much of the brief time he was there on the stairs.  Larry wasn’t even at around by 1am.  We got there at approx. 11.30am and he left with Daniel at 12am-ish as Daniel wanted to get a Chinese.


Who knows if their statements hide a kernel of truth?  I really don’t.  But I can only say what I saw.  My general impression is that most of the people involved were too ‘high’ or too inebriated to be reliable witnesses in this matter.  And I don’t trust the motives of people like Nigel Cameron.  I just don’t.  The boy’s an idiot.


This unified statement looks like trash to me.  I remember seeing Tom + John the following day – totally hung over for our day in London.  How is their statement at all reliable?  The mind boggles. 



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