The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 20 June 1989

The End of Ritch and Emma

Filofax Rendering


4.15pm: The senselessness of it all comes to the fore now.  My fault, I’m told.  But she set herself above my career.  And then expects me to believe that she’d put me on a higher pedestal than hers?  Oh, then let it go.  But, FUCKSHIT, I was bothered.  I’m only sorry to say that my career means much, much more.’




‘Children of the Revolution’ – Baby Ford


For all I know, Flash and Gerry still can’t get into their house after I made sure it was all locked up and they probably left without keys.  Right now they’re probably still standing on the doorstep, freezing their bollocks and tits off.


Oh well.




‘Back to Life’ – Soul II Soul


For weeks now, I’ve been busy with a variety of projects; mainly my folder work for the Examiner, ROCKY HORROR stage management, and Awards Evening preparation.  I’ve worked mostly with Daniel Abbott and we really are VERY good friends now.  But we both had exactly the same problem today: our female partners.


His girlfriend, Natalie, was getting angry with him because he’s always working on something and rarely being all over her.


Emma was giving me exactly the same jyp.  When I finally saw her, properly (for the first decent amount of time in a while, really), at about 3.30pm, she was quite off-ish again.  I mean she was nice, but … a bit cold.  Then, at 4.15pm, just as we were going for our buses she said, ‘Oh, just before you go, I don’t really think there’s any point in us going out together anymore.’


Taken by surprise, I stood and thought about that.


She said I don’t care for her.


I said, ‘Oh,’ like you do.


I think that response stunned her, like she’d been expecting me to start a scene.  God!  We were getting enough stares from people at the buses as it was!


I felt it was for the best, anyway.  She wasn’t my sort, was she?  And when somebody resents you for working hard at something you desperately need to succeed in, then it’s all a bit pointless, isn’t it?


She told me she expected to be more important than my career.  I can’t honestly accept that kind of reasoning at this stage in my life, I’m sorry, Emma. 


I was concerned, though.  And a bit upset.  I tried to hide it, which meant that, rather vindictively, she stood there and told me I wasn’t bothered.  I was, I just knew she was right and that it HAD to be done.


Also at 4.15pm, Daniel finished with Natalie because she too resented his hard-working attitude.


Earlier today, I saw Maggie and it was great.  It was the first time in ages.  And I wanted to spend more time with her than I actually did.  I really DO like Maggie.



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