The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 30 June 1989

The Awards Evening

‘The Motive’ – Then Jerico


People have said my new hayre is really nice.


Today, Daniel and I went to The Duke’s Head Hotel and began to set everything up for the evening’s (£8.50 per head) meal and awards.  And, apart from loads of hassle over where the band (They Say) would go and where the disco would go, we did quite well.


Later, we went to Daniel’s where we changed and I wore some fantastic black tie stuff: dinner jacket, wing-collar shirt, bow-tie, black trousers (quite baggy in a cool way), black shoes and my white spats.  I think I look the best I’ve looked in years, especially with my hair gelled back.  I felt ‘very good’.


This evening, we all had a fantastic time. 


We began with dinner which was great, followed by proper awards, handed out by Damaris Grenfell from the KLCA/Fermoy Centre.  And, as voted for by my peers, I won two awards: Best Set Design (Macbeth) and Best Playwright (The Chinese Play).  I was also nominated in loads of other categories (Best Director, Best Actor and Best Sound Operator).  


Larry was with us and he gave a rousing speech about how far we had all come and how far some of us would still be going next year – under his tutelage, he vowed, which had us all cheering and whooping (well, most of us!).  The clapping almost refused to cease.  Even TS2 applauded, perhaps sensing the reality of a room full of people that love him.  


Afterwards, They Say played a set (including some Rocky Horror stuff), then, after I read out Julian’s message of love and thanks to everyone for a brilliant year, we had the silly awards.  In the humorous dept. I was nominated in Sexiest Male and Best Stage Snog (with Donna Davidson – for Macbeth).


We all had a fantastic evening – and I even arranged a satellite link with Berwin Groomstool (for 'all those at the Puke's Head, heh-heh, gerrit?') which seemed to go down well – and everyone got totally and utterly pissed.  Afterwards, Jonny, Jodie, Daniel and Natalie (back together) and Josh Wilde stayed at Sally Watson’s + played ‘sexies’…


‘It’s Alright’ – Pet Shop Boys


God, despite the unhappy circumstances of late, it is sad to see (some of) TS2 leave.  I’ll miss them.  Josh Wilde, splintered and befriended.  John + Tom Gray, who have, indeed, been good friends to me at times.  Dorrie Robbins who I didn’t always get on with, but I do love.  Rhoda Baker, Natalie Palmer and Bianca White – my wonderful witches – farewell!  And Simon Lewis too, who isn’t even doing Drama – of any kind – all the very best.


The thought that there will now be a new TS1 is actually quite disturbing.  Worse still – and this has only just occurred to me – there’s going to be a new and no doubt quite competitive BTEC/Performing Arts 1.  I hope my group will strive to grow and do even better next year; we can’t rest on our laurels.  I refuse to believe that there will EVER be a better Performing Arts group than ours.


But when shall I see them all again?  Well, a long time from now.  I hope all the old faces will return next year (some have said they might not). 


Ah, life is a beautiful + wondrous thing.  I shall miss enjoying it without my friends though.


Tonite, drunkenly walking along with Jonny + Daniel in the hard-hitting torrential rain.  Eating kebabs, courtesy of Daniel, and just having a good laugh.  Dancing with Jonny who yells, ‘Move over to Simone Vevrier!’  Giving Larry a bag of rotten samphire.  Seeing the gleeful faces receive their awards.  A whole department having fun again: happy and united.


Today was good.  For all of us, I hope.


I think I rang Flash tonite.  I’m not sure.


God, the Awards Ceremony went so well.


Interesting Facts:

DONNA DAVIDSON confessed to me at the Ceremony that, apparently, from Sept ’88 to Easter ’89 she had constantly fancied me.  God.  I never realised, did I?  Probably obvious, but, crikey, I didn’t notice it because – I guess – I wasn’t looking for it.


There are more interesting facts to come, including: Daniel Abbott’s confession; why Donna Davidson got off with Flash at Christmas; what Jonny did after the Awards Ceremony…




‘Voodoo Ray’ – A Guy Called Gerald


Oh aye, someone’s leaked Larry’s ‘trial’ thing to the EDP which is unfair.


Anyway, where was I?


Donna ‘Dave’ Davidson wanted me over Christmas, and at New Year in Ciren, she got off with Flash not simply because she liked him a lot but also because he was the only other person she’d met who was anything like me.  It was the closest she felt she could get.



He told me he wished I’d played ‘Riff Raff’.  Isn’t that sweet?



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Next time: ‘Rudderless…’

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