The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 3 June 1989

Sex and Strawberry Fair

Filofax Rendering









‘D Days’ – Hazel O’Connor


In the early hours of this morning, Ash and I were at Angie Jones’ place.


Eventually, Ash crashed out on the sofa, and I crashed out in Angie’s room.


At about 3.30am, I found myself in her bed.  Having sex with her.  Which felt odd.  But there you go.  Just wish she hadn’t given me a macker lovebite on the right side of my neck.


This morning, I arose and met Mooney in Sarah’s Café and then we met his mates from March who gave us a ride in their car to Cambridge.  Loved hearing Bowie's new Tin Machine stuff on their car stereo.


Well, what happened then?


Kids, you’ll just have to wait and see.






‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ – Ennio Morricone


Well, Mooney and I arrived in Cambridge, courtesy of his friends, this afternoon and, after a hot dog with cheese + chilli, we went down to a huge field full of tents for the annual STRAWBERRY FAIR, which was really brilliant and full of nice hippies, yakky gothics, smelly pratts and pongy groovers, etc.


We met up with Ash, Legs, Wendy, Rod, Olive, and Nik who all treated us to lager and cider.  They had all come on a pre-arranged bus (for which they’d paid £3 each), organised by one of the bands who were playing, Wisbech’s MANIA, who we all know from the pub.


Anyway, Mooney and I went off so I could find some beads, which I did and was, consequently, very chuffed.  Doody joined us for a while, then went.  I managed to say a few hellos to some old friends and then we got back to the others, before we all drifted again and Ash went off with a bloke we’d met at the Nephilim gig.


Mooney and I met up with Rod Oliver and some other guy and drank lots of wine, lager and other junk.  Then we all piled into the band tent to support MANIA.  Whilst we were moshing and slamming, a fist smote my face and I found myself laughing gleefully as blood spurted from a gaping wound just above my lip.  As MANIA finished their rather brilliant set, I sat down and wiped all the blood from my battered face.  Then some bloke – about 30-ish – got all concerned for me, but I assured him I was fine.


Then in walked Shell – Ash’s ex-girlfriend who had an ‘affinity’ for me somewhat at Mooney’s party last October.  She was really chuffed to see me and we talked for five minutes or so, during which she invited me to her party on 24th June (or something).  Ace to have friends, isn’t it?


Then Legs came over and now he was very concerned about my cut.  I turned to the 30-something bloke + asked him if I could have a swig of his bitter.  He ended up giving me a can and we forged an unspoken friendship then and there with a clasping of hands.  I then had to go and rinse my blood.


And so it came to pass that I found myself more drunk (and stoned) than I’ve ever been in my life.


 ‘I Beg Your Pardon’ – Crass


I spent most of the rest of the afternoon wondering around till I met up with Ash again and we went to watch a little band called The Ignorant who were playing at the top of the hill.  Here we glimpsed the CND hot air balloons flying by.  Then I noticed two girls by a tree, below us.  One of them was the girl from the flea market in Norwich last week.  I tried to convince Ash to come with me and talk to them, but he wouldn’t.  Instead, we ended up talking to this guy who once went out with Miranda + gave Legs so much jyp (can’t see how, he was such a scrawny little runt).  Never mind, he was a nice enough kid and the chat was pleasant.


Eventually, I went to chat to the girls and Ash came with me.  I can’t remember the other girl’s name, but the one from the flea market – who I found somewhat pretty – was called Charity, with a surname like Stone or something.  She looked my age, but was actually only 15, which stunned me.  Both were from Bury St Edmunds and, after a chat, they agreed to come with us for a pint at the beer tent.


On the way to the beer tent, who should I bump into but, spaced out in a little gang by a donut stall, Jamie Davenport, sitting in a cluster of hippies ‘n’ groovers.  We hugged and chatted and it really WAS nice to see him.  But I had to move on, to drink more, watch more bands, eat burgers and hot dogs and drink even more.


‘Pretty Thing’ – Tin Machine


Charity soon introduced us to her Kiddie Goff mates from Bury St Edmunds, and then we were joined by loads of Ash’s old mates.  Charity and I chose this moment to go off to an old oak tree, where we spent half an hour lying on the beautiful earth, kissing and caressing.  And now I have a huge bloody lovebite on the left of my neck!


On the way back to the bus – which the band kindly allowed Mooney and me to return on – I bumped into Shell again.  She wanted my phone number, so I wrote it for her.  On a Marathon wrapper.  In eye-liner.  As a gesture, when we were parted, I took her hand and kissed it.  I then turned to walk away, but she grabbed me and gave me a huge kiss on the lips, which really did impress me.


On the bus journey home, I sat with Mary the Skinhead who was a bit concerned about her nose as she’d just fallen on it.


Once back at Wisbech – at about 7.30pm – Ash and I went to Chicken George where we ate loads of chicken, before going back to his.  The last thing I remember was sitting, spaced out, in his bedroom.


But then, I woke up – it was only about 9.45pm – and I had to go and have a diarrhoea and a huge vomit in his upstairs bathroom.  I returned then to his room, feeling massively ill.


I then awoke again at about 10.30pm, to drink gallons of water and then chuck up some solid lumps of sick, which were chokingly massive.


Then back to the sleeping bag…



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Next time: ‘Tiananmen Square…’

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