The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Monday, 26 June 1989

My Fantastic Life



‘Left To My Own Devices’ – Pet Shop Boys


The birthday present from Emma was nice.  But, in retrospect.  Inna final analysis…




I need to buy Watchmen again now, don’t I?  I think I’ve lost it. 




And I need to buy The Dreaming LP again, cos my bloody bestest Kate Bush LP is babbered on.

Scratched to bastards.  And the cover’s ripped to high, mental, brock scissors.


Well, I’m 19 now and I feel tired and tireder.



Traffik is a good TV series.  Great theme tune by Tim Souster.


The Drama Awards Ceremony is on FRIDAY.  Yippee!


At present, all three of myself, Jonny and Daniel are very ‘interested’ in Make-Up teacher Simone Vevrier.  But more of that later…


I must say though, my life really is FANTASTIC.  I’ve loved it.


Right now it’s all: Larry scandal, Simone Vevrier, Rocky Horror, Emma, Maggie, and Jonny.


Jolene’s going to write to me in the ‘holidays’!



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Next time: ‘Dealing with Cameron…’

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