The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 24 June 1989

Eight Years From Now: 24/06/1997

Eight Years From Now: 24/06/97


‘Robin the Hooded Man’ – Clannad


Today, Fergie and I went into Ullswater.  The sun was gorgeous and we sat and sunbathed on a high hillock.  The view was stunning.  I missed KATE, and – of course – the wonderful Fergie + I talked of this year’s love weirdness.


In the afternoon, we went tramping through the woods in LANGSLEDDALE (look upon this place’s work, ye mighty, and despair).  After a joint, we were in mid-gleeful reverie singing ‘Robin the Hooded Man’ (yes, doing the guitar bits), when we were horrified to stumble across the rotting corpse of a sheep, tied into a small cage, accompanied by the decaying bodies of birds too…


You should have seen us.  Both hideously disturbed and frighteningly amused, we were out of the whole village as quickly as was humanly possible on foot.  What had we come upon?


This evening: more wonderful talks, joints, Kate Bush, and now, sleep…



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Next time: ‘Rocky Horror at the Pavilion, Gorleston…’

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