The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 27 June 1989

Dealing with Cameron



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ASH, all my love, Jez xxxx


I’m listening to Ash’s ‘Ocean’ and it’s lovely.  You’d better get me a copy of Are You Real Or Just A Dream soon, I beg of thee, Ash…




‘Give Me An Inch’ – Hazel O’Connor


Emma’s cut all her hair off + dyed it auburn since we split up + now she looks dead unfanciable!


I have to write to Maggie.  And Natalia Wnek, too.


Lately, Jonny, Daniel and I have had this thing for Make-Up teacher Simone Vevrier.  She’s ever-so pretty.  Ever-so lovely.  And it’s been like a race to see who can get ‘so far’ with her…  Well, ‘so far’, she’s kissed me – on the lips! – to say ‘thanks’ for nominating her for the Make-Up Award and she’s put her arm around me at least four times and is constantly smiling and winking at me.  Jonny’s well jealous.


But now they’ve both cottoned on to my desire for Jolene Morse and suddenly seem to fancy her too!  Crikey me!



He’s great.  I think his ambition in life is to get a TV series together, something like The Comic Strip Presents, in which I write the material and he acts it.  Well, it’s nice and flattering that he wants to work with me.








‘If Only’ – Hazel O’Connor


It turns out Jamie Davenport isn’t involved in the campaign against Larry after all.  He will not be with the others for the case and this seems to have been a fabrication on their part.  I’m pleased about that.


Anyway, I’ll be there for the hearing.  I’ve been asked to speak on Larry’s behalf.  I’m glad, too.


It doesn’t stop here, though.  Donna is well-furious that people she once considered her friends are now making her out to be a habitual drug user.  It’s even been claimed that Nigel Cameron has asserted that Jonny Badcock + Larry Goodgirl have had sex with each other!  Jonny went mental + was ready to beat Nigel to pieces.  Instead, today, he, Julian + I broke the code on his locker + filled it with water.  We then found Nigel in the Drama Studio, where we wrestled him to the ground before trussing him up on a spit (like a cow or a pig that needs to be roasted), taping up his mouth, blindfolding him, putting him in the lift and taping him to the walls, and then sending him up to the Principal’s floor.


Later on, we noticed Nigel had swapped his old, wet locker for a new one.  So we put a new padlock on his locker and now he can’t get to his stuff.  He has no evidence that it was us that did it.


But it was Julian’s last day of the first year today.  He took Jonny + I to Larry’s house in the car.  Larry was very ill-looking (it made me quite sad to see him looking so depressed), but we all chatted and he’s being very optimistic about his case.


Before he left for home (and beyond), Julian gave me a sealed envelope to read out at the Awards Evening.  Wonder what it says.  He left it with me because he’s on holiday now and won’t be there; he goes to Spain tonite to visit his family.  He’s a nice guy, y’know.  See him in the ‘new’ ‘year’…



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Next time: ‘Fanny Batter…’

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