The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 6 June 1989

Closing Ranks Around Larry



‘Sat In Your Lap’ – Kate Bush

So.  In China, the army is burning the bodies of the students it killed + also the bodies of the dead troops + also the belongings of the dead students.  Foreigners will be shot if they enter the hospitals.  So Kate Adie burst in, didn’t she?  Got pictures + escaped just before she could be shot.  She really is fantastic.


Will the Chinese army split into factions?


Now, it seems, there are slow-growing ‘uprisings’ in approximately 10 cities.  Students are preparing for conflict.  Things develop and grow.  Things build.  American spy satellites have calculated that the amount of mobilised Chinese troops is in the region of 3500.  There is talk of bungled assassination attempts on key government figures and some suggestion that Deng Xiaoping is in hospital, critically ill.


But this might all be a bad thing.  I believe in the students’ cause, but this thirst for more democracy – and this brief taste of revolution – has caused a state of near-anarchy that may force the USSR’s Mikhail Gorbachev to revise and rethink his policies of Glasnost and all that business.  He might just respond by pulling back and tightening the Communist grip on his country, stifling the Soviet peoples’ ultimate journey into freedom.


The Fall of Communism is fascinating.  1989 has tested its strength.  It will certainly be a year to remember.  In Poland, Solidarity wipes the floor with Communism and now they’ve been invited by the Communist party to form a coalition government.  Solidarity has rightly refused, wishing to remain in opposition.  I laughed out loud when the Communist leader said in a press conference that the atom-smashing wipe-out vote may not really be the unanimous verdict of the Polish people.  Even the attendant press laughed at him.


The world is changing.  For the better?


TODAY’S HERO: Kate Adie.


‘Hey Music Lover’ – S-Xpress


I still wasn’t at all pleased about the Larry developments this morning.  I realised that with Larry in charge, I’ve WANTED to come into College in the mornings, all fired up.  Now he’s not, well, it’s just like when I was doing A-level TS.  I don’t feel so excited, so motivated.  And with the same uninspiring, unexciting teachers running the place.


It’s the same for many of us.


Daniel Abbott has a lot against Larry (even though they did once seem to be quite close), but he is now beginning to understand the importance of Larry within our education; his ‘in at the deep end’ methods, his drive, and all the risks he has taken on our behalf.


Darren Marsh bumped into Larry today.  And he is ill.  The whole thing must be fucking him about.


It’s also fucking us about.


We were left in a lurch today with no BTEC teachers.  Donna Davidson and Jodie Ratcliffe would not stand for it and so I joined them in organising a meeting with the Principal of NORCAT, and we had a meeting in the Boardroom this afternoon.  Also present were Jonny Badcock, Kat Hill, Tracey Joyce, Marita Huckle, Jolene Morse, Darren Marsh and Will Daniels.  TS1 wanted to come, but they were told they had to attend their lessons.


After a lengthy chat with the Principal, the outcome was eventually this: nothing new learnt or disclosed, but Donna Davidson, Jodie Ratcliffe and I are to speak at the hearing as witnesses on Larry’s behalf.


Thank you, God.  We’ll have Larry back yet!




Today, as well as almost completely organising the outstanding stuff for 30th June’s Awards Ceremony, Daniel, Simon and I (me in an extremely minor capacity) organised something fantastic.  On July 28th, in Gt Yarmouth, ROCKY HORROR will be performed in a 1500-seater theatre.  FANTASTIC!  Well there you go.  And they contacted US!  FUCKING GOOD!


Alas, I’ve declined the offer of cueing the band.




As Julian Ward will be on holiday at that time, I have been asked to play DR SCOTT in his place.  AND SING TWO SONGS!  WHICH MEANS I’VE GOT ABOUT 3 WEEKS TO LEARN THE PART!


If Julian’s going to be away, then of course I’ll do it.  I’d love to help Daniel + Jodie out.  I’m indebted to them for asking me.  Fantastical stuff.



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Next time: ‘Atomic city…’

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