The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Sunday, 18 June 1989

'A'yer Got Any Fat?

‘Will You’ – Hazel O’Connor


Filofax Rendering





‘Summertime’ – Fun Boy Three


What has gone on lately?  What has gone before?!


Today was ever-so good.


I went into Wisbech, even though it was a Sunday.  In St Peters’ car park, I met up with Spock, Marty (his friend), Ash, Jo Jordan (Ash’s new gurlie), Wendy Mackintosh and CrazyLegs.  We all drove off to Snettisham beach where we met up with Danny and Astra and had a really great barbecue to celebrate my birthday.


I chatted for ages with Jo Jordan and we caught up on each other’s lives in recent years.  And – car-rikey! – she tells me that Polly Willis lives in Leeds now!  GOD!  GOLLY!  GOSH!  I should go and visit her or something.  I always liked Polly.  Never got to know her as well as I’d have liked to.  She got me into Throwing Muses and This Mortal Coil.


The gang all paddled in the sea and we all ate, cooking stuff on a metal plate sitting on two bricks.  Then Ash + I did some moony-ing as we went for a wee.


It turns out that Ash is off Jo Jordan now + really into ?? Mackintosh.  This seemed pretty obvious when Ash + she ‘stole’ a rowing boat + went out to sea under the final rays of sunset.  And god, did we all laugh when the owner of the boat came over and told him off!  Fortunately it was all resolved with decorum.


On the way home, I told ?? Mackinstosh that Ash was crazy about her.  She was pleased.


QUOTE OF THE DAY: ‘A’yer got any fat?’ – Spock


Oh aye, Emily from the pub has finished with Doody.  SHOCK, eh?



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Next time: ‘Ritch and Daniel…’

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