The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Saturday, 27 May 1989

The Future?

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‘Touched By The Hand of God (Dub Mix)’ – New Order




I dreamt I asked Justine out again + we were happy!






‘Dreams of Leaving’ – The Human League


Today, at about 6am, we arose in our Norwich car park and then wandered around waiting for cafés to open, etc.  Sue, Chris + Carl took us into WIMPY so they could eat VEGE BEAN-BURGERS.  Legs ate loads of nosh, too.  Ash ‘n’ I refused to eat just in case Wimpy were up to the same ‘no good’ as McDonalds.


A funny thing happened, actually.  We saw a film crew, shooting in the street + a woman (the director) came up to us and explained that she was a sculptor who made sculptures out of all sorts of junk + wanted to incorporate a video into the structure.  She asked us if we’d allow ourselves to be filmed walking down the street.  We allowed it.


Later, we parted with the Scunthorpe gang.  They took photos of us and Legs took Sue’s address.


The rest of the day was spent in cafés and walking around shops.  I bought two Doctor Who novels for 50p each.  That’s good, that is.  We went in all the mystic/ethnic shops (I was looking at Crowley stuff and Celtic stuff).  Oh, I also bought CRISIS

…and a set of beads that keep bastard snapping.  Ne’er mind. 


In one flea market, I espied a nice-looking mini-gothette in a tail coat, wearing see-through black satin trousers with fishnets underneath.  She took my eye, I must admit.


This evening, we returned to Wisbech and The Angel, where we all chatted + talked mainly with Minty + Jo.  At one point, I saw Spock walk by, so I rushed out to him.  He was with a huge gang of his eccentric friends + he said he had an envelope with him in which was a written message that had been sealed in there 9 years ago by an old friend of his.  The contents of the message were an alleged prediction of future events (the future, as far as things were concerned on May 27th, 1980).


So I joined them for the opening, and it spake something thus:


‘There will be great earthquakes and unbelievably violent riots that will change our perceptions as time progresses and this will eventually alter the way in which we live…’


Hm.  No comment.


Anyway, the whole (non) ‘event’ gave Spock + I the chance to catch up on things + partly arrange a date for a barbecue within the near-future, hopefully to celebrate my up and coming 19th birthday.


Minty’s leaving college soon + going to Preston, she announced tonight.  She’s also told us she’ll miss us all.  I asked why she’d miss us.  She told me that we all had character.  That was nice, I thought.



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