The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Tuesday, 9 May 1989

'The Chinese Play' at KLCA

At the Badcock Household.
‘Who’s In the House?’ – Beatmasters featuring Merlin

It worked!  THE CHINESE PLAY was good + successful.  OK, only 45 in the audience, but the show was well chuffy.  Natalia + Sandy came, which was skill.  Emma and I are closer than EVER, which is brill.  But I had a blazing row with Donna Davidson, which is very regrettable.  Aside from that, it was FANTASTIC today.  In the papers, too.

‘Nackered, folks.  Goodbye till tomorrow…
Today was fine.
‘Map Ref. 41 N 93 W’ – Wire

We got into the KLCA and rigged the lights + did the set, etc and got a full dress/tech run going.
It was welllllllll dodgy, but things progressed.  Then programmes were completed, etc.
Emma + held hands, embraced + touched each other a great deal in the wings.
Then, Marco told me he had been barred from videoing the show due to venue policy!  Daniel spoke to the management and came up with the same response/result.  Donna tried also, but venue SM, Sid Tweedy, wouldn’t have any of it.
So I had a chat with Tweedy + he said it was all about copyright regulations.  Well, if anything, the copyright on THE CHINESE PLAY is mine.  I explained this to him and asked him if we could proceed with the recording.  He said I could if I got Damaris Grenfell’s blessing on it and as long as there were no electric cables loose in the gangways.  I chatted with Damaris and she agreed that it was fine.  So, where others fail, Winterfood succeeds.
So, the show went ace and the other shows were groovy ‘n’ all.
Cast Member/Character Caricatures
Natalia was there + apparently, the bloke who interviewed me for the Wisbech Standard is her lodger.
‘Turn Up the Bass’ – Tyree

This morning, I was supposed to be at the theatre for 9am.  And I missed my CUNTING bus.  So, I started to hitch + was eventually picked up by a man who got me to the KLCA at 9.10am.  THANK GOD!
So, the technical/dress run went really shittily, but we were basically confident that we’d come through in the end.
Emma and I talked a lot during our free moments and as we finished work, she and I took tea at Crofters.
This afternoon, I completed the programmes and Tracey re-rehearsed the ‘Fever’ scene.
I had dinner at Jonny’s house (skate, for the first time ever – and very kind of his parents, too), and then we returned to the KLCA, where I briefed the cast and then went into a series of Italian runs for THE CHINESE PLAY + the support shows.
At 7pm, the CHINESE PLAY cast sat in the audience to watch the shows by the other groups, which, although basic in construction were pretty good.
THE CHINESE PLAY was generously paced and extremely well received by a very responsive + good-humoured audience.  From a directorial point of view, I thought everyone did an extremely good job, though I still never quite got the performances I wanted from some (if not all) of the cast.  Most of them don’t have the skill, and I guess I don’t either.  Maybe I’m just a crap director?  But I’d love to test my skills on REAL actors…
Cast Member/Character Caricatures
Afterwards, Donna and I fell out with each other over nothing and she claimed I’d been picking on her throughout the last few weeks, so I told her she’d done a crap job as producer.  She then told me I’d been a shit shaterer too, which was fair enough.
After the show, Jonny + went for drinks at THE GLOBE with Larry and Larry talked over the performance with me; he seemed mostly pleased.  Larry and Mr Johnson (Ron’s stuntman dad from Frankie’s ‘Two Tribes’ video) bought me a pint each.
I am staying at Jonny’s tonite and tomorrow, and – quite generously – he’s letting me have his bed.
Emma and I have held hands, cuddled and caressed and held each other closely throughout the day.
God, though, the show was harrowing, with me being a bit of everything: sound operator, light cuing, and stage management, etc.
Putting a play ‘out there’ in front of a real audience, in the real world felt just like what I imagine sending your first child off to school must be like.
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Next time: ‘The Chinese Play at the KLCA II…’

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