The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 31 May 1989

Teaming Up With Daniel


‘Song To The Siren’ – This Mortal Coil


Well, Marco Polo, the Doctor Who novel by John Lucarotti was SKILL ‘N’ BRILL ‘N’ FUCKING ACE!


I’ve been dreaming again.  Last nite.  I was going on tour, following a band across Europe and I set out from Peterborough to Charing Cross Station with Flash + Jonny.  I found out when I’d bought my train tickets (+ a hamburger) that I only had a pound left for the next few months!  AAARGH!  And I desperately had to buy some stamps as well so I could write letters to all my friends to tell them where I was going.  CRAP, EH?


(I’ve got to write some letters, catch up on a few outstanding things in my life and get this year’s Progress folder in some kind of shape for June 27th’s examination.  WUURGH!)


I had this other dream last nite, too:

I was in a car park in my brand new Chevy (!), which was really ace, talking to Jim and Lindsey out of the car window.  But then, as a load of security men were after me, I had to get out (of the car park).  So Jim + Lindsey got onto a motorcycle + drove alongside me to LA’s nite club for Jim’s next disco.  It had been snowing and I wasn’t too confident of my driving, especially as I was constantly talking to Jim + Lindsey as they rode alongside me.  I was telling them how the car would cost millions to repair if it got damaged, then some silly cow on a bike drove straight into me on the Old Market Place, making me crash outside Mrs Gillick’s house.  In the fuss, out came someone from the house – and it was GEORGE (Betty’s ex-husband) and he told me he was having the house turned into a pub.  EVEN CRAPPER, EH?





LATE, 11.50pm-ish


‘Hot Doggie’ – Colourbox


God.  Work tomorrow.  Two days in a row.  Oh, I can hack it, I guess.  The money means I can get pissed and eat loads with the lads on Friday night.  Pop ‘round to Chicken George’s and actually be able to afford chicken & chips.  Ambition, that is.



Well, well, well…




‘WXJL Tonight’ – The Human League


Anyway, as for this evening, DALLAS was good.


And now half of my bastard back tooth has fallen out, so I desperately need a dentist.  GOD!


I want to write to EMMA.


When do I get the bastard time?




‘Storms In Africa’ – Enya


Daniel Abbott rang me up today and he and I are to team up on a project together – organising the end of year Drama Department Awards, Luncheon and Disco.  At the moment, the programme of events looks something like this:




PERFORMANCE BY ‘THEY SAY’ (the band who did the ROCKY HORROR music)




And at the moment, we’re toying with the idea that everyone who attends must come as a character from any of the productions the department has staged this academic year.




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Next time: ‘Tidying Up…’

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