The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Friday, 19 May 1989

Rocky 'n' Roll

It’s about 8.20pm


‘Everywhere’ – Fleetwood Mac


God, I never thought I’d see the day that I’d be interested in Fleetwood Mac



Tech’s been a shitter.  Larry’s been making Daniel jump through hoops over preparations for next week’s ROCKY HORROR shows.  Daniel’s been so angry and fucked off and even though I sympathise with him and think Larry’s been a spanner in the works that Daniel has so carefully built, I’m still not sure Daniel ought to be quite so discourteous + unprofessional about it.  Especially when everyone’s still up in arms about the whole ‘SHOULD LARRY STAY OR GO?’ case. 


The Principal asked Jodie if she and any other willing participants might like to write letters praising Larry’s work + tutorial support.  I should think most of our group would.  All except Daniel who seems to hate him right now (and they used to be quite close, it seemed).  Oh, and that little fascist bastard, Kenneth Farnham, who’s doing his damnedest to get Larry thrown out.  He claims to have been told something by Simon Lewis that ‘makes his eyes gleam’.  I wonder what Simon knows that the rest of us don’t?  Something to do with the ongoing TS2 controversy, no doubt.


Larry does block us more often than not, I agree.  He plagues at every stage of our progress, hovering like a vulture.  But I guess that’s his job.  He makes us do ten million projects at once, but God O’Crikey, I feel brilliant when we’ve achieved everything that he’s expected of us.  In amongst all that pressure, I think some of us have begun to find professionalism.


Anyway, the Principal wants letters of support to provide a balance.  All he’s getting at the moment is one side of a very sad tale, the anti-Larry angle.  But god knows what happens next, even if he hears the pro-Larry stuff.  I’m pretty sure they’ll want his head when they see how ‘sexual’ ROCKY is.  Obviously, it’s Daniel + Jodie’s project, but Larry’ll be blamed.  Though I’m not sure why he should be, not really.  They will, though.  You can feel it rumbling and grumbling already.  But, GOD!  We’re all adults, aren’t we?  Maybe some of us aren’t, actually…


But god, people can just die sometimes for all I care about their petty attitudes.


Anyway, today I bought the June issue of PREDICTION for the features on the Celts and Gemini.


Oh, and Jodie has invited me to join the ROCKY crew as a sort of ‘conductor’ (cuing the music, etc) for the band.  I have to dress up and stuff.  I accepted.


Didn’t see Emma much today, but she was dressed quite nicely, and OI!  Guess who came in today?  One of my old A-level tutors – Mick Wallis – for a job as Larry’s ‘assistant’ (replacement in the wings?  Not a patch on Larry, I’m afraid).


BUT NOT ONLY THAT…  LEE-ANNE JONES came in.  It was nice to see her.  Simon was a git about her: not sure why, though.


For the last few days, on our bus I’ve been aware that Joni has a new friend called Christine.  Well, we all had brilliant talks on the way home today + it turns out Christine is now on our bus cos she’s moved from West Walton to the town centre.  She’s 17 (yesterday, actually; so we’re not ALL adults) and she’s ever-so sweet.


‘O Fortuna’ – Carl Orff


Oh aye, I’ve ordered new glasses.


God.  There’s so much controversy at the moment.  OUR JEFF is now back with the girl who had his baby, after months and months of ignoring her.  And now, Martin’s girlfriend is pregnant.


Then there’s my ‘step-sister’, Paula; she’s seeing a 34-year-old man + all the families are up in arms about it.


But yeah, I’ve ordered new glasses.




Hello, I’m Jez and I’m back.


I just materialised because it’s Friday, I realise: PUB DAY!


I am dressed like this:




‘Children of the Revolution’ – Baby Ford


So, once in The Angel, Jez realised neither Ash nor Legs were anywhere to be seen.  Sexy Angel regular, Joanne, suggested I try The Red Lion as they’re often there.


So Jez trudged over to The Red Lion beer garden, where Ash, Legs, Womble, Dan Oliver, Joni, Scotty (a rocker) and Nik (another rocker) were drinking away.  Ash + Legs were effusive and generous in their reception of Jez + he was kept well maintained with copious supplies of booze.


It was a lovely warm nite, too.


Eventually, after stealing several beer glasses, Jez, Ash + Legs went back to The Angel, where they sat with Doody, Emily + Joanne till closing time.


After closing time, Jez walked Joanne home and met back up with Ash + they crashed out in Ash’s mega-huge-I’m-sure pad.



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