The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Wednesday, 24 May 1989

'Rocky Horror' at KLCA

‘Shiny Shiny’ – Haysi Fantayzee


This morning, I really SHAT myself.  On my right ankle, I discovered an unusual, squidgy lump under the skin.  So, I went to see the College Nurse who assured me that it was nothing more than a lump of gristle or liquid, but certainly nothing cancerous and definitely nothing to worry about.  Its presence is making me very irritable, despite her reassurances.  I’ll have it checked by my doctor the next time I go.


This morning I did my Dance piece (to the ERASURE track) and was handed back my paper on Aerobics, for which I only managed a ‘Pass’.


Oh aye, I also passed the Music exam, getting one of the highest marks in the group.  Not bad, considering I hardly went to any lessons for yonks ‘n’ years.


Anyway, the dance went particularly well, considering I’d never practiced it in front of a mirror or in the full studio before.  Scarlett was very impressed, especially as I’d consciously attempted to challenge myself with faster music + movement.  I think she found what she was looking for in the assessment.  It won’t be a ‘Distinction’, but even so, I’m happy.


‘Dancerama’ – Sigue Sigue Sputnik


This afternoon, we did another run of ROCKY HORROR, which was very good.  The cast were almost impressive, but they were still a bit shaky in some places.  Daniel kindly asked me for some directorial input, which was nice.


We were then given a speech by Larry who said words to the effect that the department has been working on the show for some months and that he’s taken most of the flak from its detractors within the College and now it was in ‘our’ hands + that we, as a department, had to show everyone what we were made of.  I realised as he said this that this is the other end of the year now from Macbeth and here we are, as pretty much a whole department, working together again on a huge project.  Larry had tears in his eyes, and so did many of the cast by the time he’d finished.


The Larry situation is so awful.  So much hassle from the Principal, etc.  And though some are very vocal about wanting him sacked, the greater part of the department don’t want him to go.  Then there’s Kenneth – bastard!  Since Simon Lewis whispered something in his ear last week about the whole Goodgirl issue, he’s been going around saying, ‘I can’t wait till Friday.  Ho-ho.  You’re in for a few surprises on Friday.’  None of us know what he’s on about.


I have heard a whisper that, and I quote, ‘Ken’s got the feeling that Larry’s sacking is imminent’.  Well, I certainly hope it isn’t.


Oh, and another thing.  Larry announced today that tomorrow he will be going to Manchester (his neck of the woods) + (probably) won’t be back for Friday’s end of term tutorial.  Why was Kenneth grinning profusely throughout all this?



Now, before I get onto the rest of ROCKY HORROR, I’d just like to point out that I loved seeing loads of the Drama girls in their kinky underwear.  It was fantastic!  Now, I don’t mind admitting that throughout, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the following girls, who I fancied like mad:


Gemma Winchester,

Tracey Joyce,

Katrisha ‘Kat’ Hill,

Sharon Fielding,

and, most of all –

Jolene Morse!


Now, lately, I’ve had something of a penchant for Jolene.  Since 1987, I’ve often found her extremely attractive and, in an indirect way, she communicated similar feelings for me.  We are getting closer as people.  But, of course, she has a boyfriend.  I have a girlfriend.  So I am not willing to play with fire.  I like her very much, though.


‘Black Betty’ – Ram Jam


This evening, we all readied ourselves to do the show, and all looked fantastic.  I wore: Docs, seamed stockings, suspenders, my mini-skirt (given to me by Jolene at the end of last year), and my frilled shirt rolled up and tied to show my midriff.  I back-combed my hair, and the make-up was fantastic: white face, red lips, black eyes, purple blusher.  I did Kat’s hayre too.


Then things got really exciting as we heard over the backstage monitor, the absolute HORDES of people coming into the auditorium.  The house was jam-packed and full of suspendered + basqued males + females, most of them Rocky FANATICS, many of whom had seen the professional World + UK tours.  They were, honestly, an absolutely fantastic crowd.  Incredible!  And the showers of rice, Bounty bars, Kit Kats and toilet rolls throughout the show were brilliant.


I, of course, didn’t appear ‘on-stage’ (I am not being assessed for my work on Rocky; my module was The Chinese Play project), remaining in the pit except for a brief moment in which my arm reaches up to grab Magenta’s (Kat’s) leg, only to be slapped as she sings ‘The Time Warp’.


The show was genuinely excellent.  Every member of the cast handled it so well, and the crowds loved it.  Larry said it was the best thing he’s seen on the Fermoy/KLCA stage and I have to agree.  Even the Principal (Thought Police!) did the Time Warp.  It was absolutely unbelievably energetic and exhilarating.  Tremendous fun.


To be honest, ROCKY HORROR really isn’t my cup of tea at all, but this was a great night out and a great night for NORCAT Drama Department.  Best of all, an amazing achievement by Daniel Abbott.


I really enjoyed watching + listening to the singing of Kat Hill (Magenta), Jolene Morse (Janet), Jamie Davenport (Riff Raff), Sharon Fielding (Columbia), Jonny Badcock (Rocky) and Nigel Cameron (Brad).  Best of all was Simon Lewis as Frank’n’Furter, particularly when singing ‘Wild and Untamed Thing’.


To find out how the cast celebrated afterwards, and what Ritcherd did next, see my next entry!




‘Bring Me Edelweiss’ – Edelweiss


After ROCKY HORROR, most of the cast celebrated their victorious performance at THE SPREAD EAGLE, where Jamie Davenport bought me many drinks.  I chatted to Gemma Winchester, Una Baker, and Julian Ward.  I also got drunk, by which time Donna Davidson introduced me to her new boyfriend, Tom.


After putting ‘Bring Me Edelweiss’ on the jukebox, I went into the Ladies’ loos and chatted to Sally Watson and her mate from Peterborough for half an hour or so.


Once back in the bar, the conversation turned to Nigel Cameron, who had been walking around College for days, carrying a motorcycle helmet, his body language BEGGING people to go up to him and say, ‘WOW!  NIGEL!  DIDN’T KNOW YOU HAD A MOTORBIKE!’  Not that anyone has bothered.


While we were all discussing this, Nigel suddenly appeared with said helmet and left the pub saying goodnight to everyone.  So Tom (Donna’s boyfriend) and his brother, Mikey, along with me and Julian Ward, Donna and a few others, decided to wind him up a bit.  As he revved his cycle up in the car park, we all blocked the exit, not allowing him to get by.  He got stroppy, so we let him cycle over to the Petrol Station where he filled his tank.  But as he paid, Mikey pulled his wheel valve off and threw it away!  And when he tried to cycle off, we all held up his back wheel by the rack.  He couldn’t budge.  When he finally did, he suffered a bit of a bump as he sped off, and actually tried to run Donna over, but we were all too busy fucking ourselves laughing (Double D included) to be bothered.


As the pub closed, I rang Jonny Badcock (who had gone home a lot earlier, by the way) + told him I’d be staying at Sally Watson’s instead of his (as arranged), because it was nearer and so that he could enjoy his own bed for the night after such a busy and energetic performance.


So, me, Sally Watson, Julian Ward, Donna ‘Dave’ Davidson and Tom all walked to the Watson/Davidson digs.  We all sat in Sally’s room for ages.  Then Sally went for a wash, as did Donna, and I took my jeans off, revealing my suspenders and stocking underneath.  This actually seemed to excite Tom in a joking kind of way, and it was almost thrilling to have him tickle me and pin me down on the bed, then stroke my underarm hair…


When he + Donna went back to her room, he kept telling her he wanted to put on her Dance tights so he could show me.




Donna and I did have one single serious chat though, and apparently when I ‘had a go’ at her after THE CHINESE PLAY, she was extremely upset, taking the whole thing to heart as she really does respect my views + opinions.  I was touched, and apologised.



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Next time: ‘Rocky Horror at KLCA…’

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